Wednesday 31 December 2008

Christmas Stocking

DS is now 18 so I stitched him this stocking which came with a lovely poem from Father Christmas. In his final visit FC left a bottle of Jagermyster which DS has been asking for and two new books, but I guess FC will always stop by however old you are.

We're off to see John Barrowman in Robin Hood Pantomime today at the Birmingham Hippodrome, and have an Italian meal to celebrate the New Year. Midnight chimes will be just me, DH and DD, as DS is off to a party, but we have the champagne ready.

Wishing you all a very
Happy New Year
and warmest wishes for 2009.

Friday 26 December 2008

* * Thank you * Thank you * Thank you * *

I have had such a brilliant Christmas made even more special by the wonderful gifts I have received from my stitchy friends. I hope you enjoy looking at my new stash as much as I will enjoy "playing" with it all.

Big thanks to Julie - for these two gorgeous Christmas Frames - I will search for a small chart to fit both and stitch them for next Christmas to have pride of place on our mantle - thank you Julie.

Thanks to my my friend Cathy who lives in the USA - she has sent me some beautiful Caron threads - I will have many hours of fun thinking about how to use them.

Karan sent me a beautiful religious chart - thank you Karan. I doubt whether I will stitch it fro this coming Easter but it will definately be one to do in the future.

I joined quite a few of the JA exchanges this year and I have already shared the ornament and teh card exchanges - thanks to both my partners. Polly sent me some beautiful stash for the £5 exchange - a skein of Ultra-Suede, The Dye is Cast (New Day)thread, 32ct lugana and some fab transparent sticky notes (now won't they be great for making notes on charts)- thanks Polly.

Angie was my partner for JA Secret Stash £15 - the goods she sent were fabulous in all my favourite colours - thanks Angie you're a star. Parcel parcel had:- 4 skeins of DMC perle 5#, 3 packets of stain cord, "Anemone" Pure Silk ribbon, and 22ct, 28ct and 32ct fabric in beautiful pastel shaeds. I am so spolit -thanks Angie.

I organised the JA "No stash for Christmas" exchange which was great fun. I sent a parcel to Karan which I really enjoyed putting together. My stash arrived from Dusty in USA. There was a lovely pair of socks(already worn and in the wash, a fridge magnet, Pumpkin Patch room freshener, handmade recycled writing paper, flower stickers, and flower pattern sticky notes (another new one on me). Thank you Dusty for a wonderful array of non-stitching pressies.

and my good friend in Norway, Hege, sent 10 Krenik skeins of Silk Mori (such a huge treat), a small hardanger and blackwork chart, and a beautiful chart "Flower Samplers Book 1" by Hillside Samplings. I don't know which chart to do first, or shall I go look for something fro the Krenik - thank Hege, you really spoilt me.

I do hope everyone had a good day yesterday and that you all still have the holiday feeling for a few more days. We're off to Twickenham tomorrow to see the rugby, Harlequins v Leicester Tigers, DD is so excited.

Our two children suddenly look very grown up this year, especially yesterday, so we took some photos - enjoy.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Christmas update

It's DH's birthday today - Happy Birthday - we've had a lovely chinese meal and a quick trip to a local brewery for some traditional ale, he's definitely had a good one :)

Stitching news - I received a beautiful card from Pam for the JA Stitched Card exchange - thank you.

I also received this very effective stitched card from my friend Hege in Norway - thank you.

and this is the Christmas stocking I have been stitching for DS. Now he is 18 Santa will not be leaving a sack of pressies but I have stitched this as a keep sake and it will have in it a bottle of his favourite beer. Santa is also leaving the usual socks, book and calendar. I just have the rest of the beads to attach then I can get the machine out to sew it up.

Stefan's Christmas Stocking - The Drawn Thread

Just to be Christmasy this is our tree with all the gifts waiting for Thursday - they are mainly the ones from us to family although there are some interesting packages with our names on.The cards by the fire are all DH's birthday ones, I had to lift them off the mantle to put my candles on.

As you can see I love snowmen, so we have snowmen sitting on the tv and a Hearnden snowman family on the mantle - the likeness is really good isn't it hee hee.

I hope you all have a really festive time, wishing everyone very Merry Christmas.

Thursday 11 December 2008

Christmas Tree

Here it is - thank you so much to everyone for all the gorgeous ornaments.

There are some fantastic ones there - these two are full of hand knitted ornaments, the first is based on monks bell ringing (two photos) and the other is full of santas, angels and choiristers, the look fantastic.

and this is a picture of one side of the church - there are 60 trees in there althogether - I will try to get some more on Saturday - it was hard tonight as people were setting it up so lots of ladders around and bags and boxes.

Monday 8 December 2008

Back at last

I am finally back in the land of the living - I have felt terrible the last two weeks whilst on (and coming off) the steroids. Over the weekend I have finally found a clear head and feel I can function properly now - before I was living in a semi-drunk kind of world - which would be fine if I'd been enjoying the wine too.

There is so much to catch up on I haven't has chance to read everyone's blogs so best wishes if you need them and a hug to you all at this busy time of year.

First I had a wonderful evening last Monday when I met Julie for a coffee at a nearby shopping centre. We chatted for over an hour and it seemed like we'd known each other ages. It certainly made me feel tons better- thanks Julie.

I will be decorating the church tree on Thursday and have had some more gorgeous ornaments. The first is from my friend Maria in USA, the second is a beaded Santa from Cathy another USA friend, the third is a beaded one from Elaine my friend who works at college, and the fourth is from my secret (as yet) partner in the JA Christmas Ornament Exchange. DH has bought me a set of lights, and mum has given me loads of tinsel, so everything is ready to put up on Thursday. I will be adding photos so you can all see both my tree and all the others.

Church details for those wanting to visit :-
St Lawrence's Church,
Church End,
Ansley Village,
Nuneaton CV10 0QR

The church is open 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st December - 10am until 6pm - admission £2

I haven't done much stitching but am working on a stocking for DS as this is his last visit from Santa - I can't believe he's 18 - and I still expect him to be awake all Christmas Eve with excitement - hee hee.

Thanks for all the get well messages, happy stitching.

Thursday 27 November 2008

Not having a good time

I didn't really want my blog to become negative but just wanted to say things are not so good at the moment so I may be a little quiet on the blogging front.

My health is not good, various things but mainly the MS is affecting my legs. My right hand has been bad for a while but I can manage with it but my legs are a different matter so am on a high dose of steroids for 5 days. They make me quite dizzy and leave me feeling even more drained than usual. Today is only day two so I thought I'd just post up before I end up in bed straight from work each night. I'm hoping not to take time off as I will have completed the course by Sunday so will only have the coming off symptoms next week.

I'm hoping to be able to still stitch (but the dizziness does make the holes move around LOL) so I may have some finishes to show next week.

Take care everyone - be back soon

Friday 21 November 2008


It was DD's school certificate night last night for last years leavers. They all received their GCSE certificates and awards for achievements. We were invited so guessed DD would also be awarded a prize although she is only in Year 10. Well she was ... she received the Fire Fighters' Shield for Outstanding Service to the School during Key Stage 3 (years 7 - 9). This award is given to the student who is most helpful, always volunteering to do extra things and generally being kind, good natured and caring about others. We are so proud of her - well done Philippa.

I have received some more ornaments - they are all so lovely, very beautiful stitching. They were sent by Christine, Barb, Chris and my mum (photos are in that order) Thanks ladies they are fabulous -this tree is going to look so good.

I have been to the hospital again today - to see the Occupational Therapist for some help with my right hand and arm. It's been numb for a long time due to the MS and I rely a lot on my eyes to see what my hand is doing. Anyway I have to see her for 6 weeks and do some exercises at home. I also rang the MS Nurse this week as my right leg has been playing up - it's getting to the point where I could chop my right side off LOL. It does slow me down when the MS rears its head which is why I haven't been online much this week. Hopefully things will improve.

I made this card for Helen who left school this week for a new life in the Isle of Wight. It is the first time I've done decoupage. I had to do a little bit then rest as it is quite fiddly and difficult for my hand but I'm really pleased with it.

Thanks to everyone for helping with the Christmas Tree and for reading my blog.

Saturday 15 November 2008

Two more ornaments and a celebrity

I have received two more gorgeous ornaments for the tree - one from Sally and the other from Jan. I have been quite overwhelmed at the number of ornaments that have been sent - you are all so very very kind and I will be extremely proud to decorate the tree with all this beautiful work.

Today DH, DD and I went to the NEC to the Crafts for Christmas and Hobbycraft Show. I really enjoyed looking at all the creative ideas. I did buy some card making bits but nothing special, just some more blanks and some sheets of patterned paper. DD did see a beading embezzling tool she liked which she fancies using fro her textile coursework. The one at the show wasn't quite what she wanted so I'll have to look on the internet.

The highlight of the day was meeting Jonty Hearnden from Cash in the Attic - not that we are fans of the show but because we share the same surname. He was very chatty and said he hadn't met another Hearnden before. DH has been researching his family tree for quite a while and although we haven't found a direct link to Jonty they do look simillar. He gave DH his business card so they can keep in touch by email and see if there is a matching family ancestor.

Tomorrow I am going to the Fabric Guild warehouse in Leicester with mum so it will be a few hours so stash buying - what a chore for a Sunday morning. The main things I need are some more backing fabrics, some glitter glue, some fabric glue and anything else that catches my eye. I will add a lsit of goodies to my next blog.

Have a good weekend everyone, thanks for reading my news.

Sunday 9 November 2008

Another ornament for "A Fine Needle Tree"

I received another ornament on Friday for the charity tree at the church festival. Elisa kindly sent a gorgeous green and gold ornament - thanks Elisa.

I have been up the (very cold) attic and found all the ornaments I already have. With those and the lovely new ones I have received I now have 26 - thanks to everyone who has helped and I know some more have been pledged. I am intending to stitch a few more too.

This morning was a sombre yet proud day in my Scouting calendar as we take part in the towns Remembrance Parade. It was very windy which made it cold but the morning stayed dry and the sun shone. So many wreaths were laid and my heart goes out to all who have suffered for our country, and for the many many who have given their lives. God bless.

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and for taking the time to add a comment.

Tuesday 4 November 2008

Stitching galore

I have received so much stitching this week - it's quite over whelming- thank you.

Firstly the Christmas Tree ornaments form Anne and Moll - thanks they are gorgeous.

I organised and took part in JA Autumn Exchange. These are the gits I received from Jo

and these are the gifts I sent to Elisa

This is the beautiful pin keep I received from Anne for the JA Halloween Exchange.

and these are the gifts I sent to Laura

and finally this is my latest progress on my Drawn Thread piece - I love the writing, it really makes the white work stand out.

I'm actually off work today - I had a wicked migraine yesterday and still have a slight headache, more pain on the right side of my face and neck really and I feel quite queasey. Hopefully I can go back tomorrow, I'm going to have a little nap this afternoon which will hopefully help.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed all the stitching - I think it's all fabulous -there are certainly some very talented people around.

Thursday 30 October 2008

Stash, stash and more stash.

I have had two orders this week from Sew and So - I did one then signed up for some exchanges and realised I needed to go shopping (again) LOL

Here is the stash I can show:

Rose Anchor Pearl Cotton No. 8
Rose Anchor Stranded Cotton
4010 DMC Color Variation Thread
4160 DMC Colour Variation Thread
4220 DMC Color Variation Thread
S553 DMC Satin Thread
4010 DMC Perle No.5
4220 DMC Perle No. 5
28ct Jubilee Antique White
28ct Jubilee White
Stefan's Christmas Stocking Chartpack
509 DMC Perlรฉ Cotton No.5

Because DS has now turned 18 I am stitching him the stocking and Santa will leave it this year with just a few goodies - his final gift from Santa :(

The other items are for some small projects I am working on that I can hopefully share soon.

Postie also brought my JA Autumn Exchange and JA Haloween parcels. We are off to the caravan today (once the new washing machine has arrived) so I will be taking them with me to open. A quick thanks to my partners - I will send a personal thanks once I know who you are.

AND Postie brought another ornament for the church. This was from Karan and is a gorgeous reindeeer. Thanks Karan - he's in the box with the others - all ready and waiting.

I'm taking quite a bit to the caravan to do but who knows how much will get done. I will share the exchanges goodies when I get back - see you all in November.

Monday 27 October 2008

PIF- winners, Christmas Ornaments and "Old Bill"

Sorry the PIF draw was a little late - I admit I forgot with DS's birthday.

The winners are:




Congratulations ladies - over the next 365 days I will be stitching and making a little something for you all. Jan and Maria could you please email me your postal address. Please offer the same on your blogs in return, thank you.

I received Julie's Christmas ornament in the post today and it's gorgeous. The finish is beautiful Julie, I might have to come over for some lessons.

Yesterday I stitched this from my JCS Christmas Magazine that arrived Saturday. The designer is Monique Keylon of My Mark, I used 14ct white aida and DMC thread (but I did change the pink to red).

And finally these are a couple of pictures from the statue dedication service yesterday. It was quite moving to see so many people attend especially the old veterans.