Saturday 19 September 2009

The winner is ...

Lindsay - congratulations, please email me (my address is in my Charity Blog) and I will pop your gift in the post.

Aimetu's Giveaway is still open to everyone.

And now for my news ...

I have had a lovely week since my birthday but so busy that I have not had chance to be online. The meal at the Chinese on my birthday was lovely. DH had ordered the ice swan which came with music and everyone singing and an indoor firework. Here's the photo they took and framed too.

Friday DH, DD, Ruby and I went to the caravan for the weekend. The weather was beautiful (so different from our summer). Saturday morning I had a facial at the hairdressers whcih was so relaxing. We always have a manicure and sometimes I have a back, shoulder and neck massage but I thought I'd have a bit of pampering as it was my birthday. The others meet me after and we walked to the Talyllyn Railway for lunch. The cafe is lovely and we can sit on the platform so Ruby is no problem. There was a special wedding train in the station; the couple were exchanging vows at the station at the other end of the line. Everyone looks fantastic and the train carriages were decorated with ribbon - it looked wonderful.

Saturday evening we walked back into Tywyn because the Gurkha regiment had come up for the weekend and were sounding The Retreat. They were there to raise money for the Gurkha Trust and were also doing a concert on the Sunday night. They were fabulous, we felt very honoured to have been there. Tywyn is a quiet little town in Wales that supports so many charities, it's quite moving so see.

Afterwards we walked along the beach watching the sunset and enjoyed the bottle of champagne DH had bought me. We did have fun as you can see LOL. There are some more photos on facebook

Sunday I went to church and after the service they all sang "Happy Birthday" - so embarrassing - especially when they said it was "young Clare's birthday" LOL

I have had more gifts arrive in the post; lovely stash from Karan; a knitted hat from my friend Cathy in USA; and an ornament from Chris for Miss-Tree (I have no idea why it is on its side, sorry Chris). Thank you so much - you are all so kind.

And finally some pictures of my two girls: they both fell asleep in the car coming home, Philly against the door and Ruby on the other seat with her head on P's lap - so cute. Ruby has been a really good girl all evening whilst I do this, she has been asleep by my feet, usually she ispesteringtoplay when I'm on the laptop LOL. Philly has gone out to a party tonight; she looks stunning, so grown up.

Thanks for reading my news, congrats again to Lindsay :)

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Birthday contest ends Thursday 17th

Just to let you know I will be closing my Birthday contest at midnight on Thursday 17th September - but my giveaway is staying open

Lots of news this week but will post up on Friday, I might have done some stitching by then LOL

Thursday 10 September 2009

Birthday contest .... and Giveaway too

Today I am 44 - and for me this should mean a fabulous year ahead as 4 is my lucky number so for the next year I should be doubly lucky (well I can hope can't I?)

I have a very enjoyable birthday,normal as I had work but fun. DH brought me breakfast in bed and gave me a bottleof my favourite chanpagne and a new book. DD gave me Jane Austin's dvd set, DS gave be a beautiful clock and a gift card to get a book from Waterstones. DH also bought me these beautiful flowers.

My Head of English gave me a bottle of wine (she knows me so well) and my best buddy at work gave me some lovely smellies to paper myself.

Angie (a stitchy friend) sent me these beautiful roses by post,

and Julie made me these gorgeous knitted socks, perfect for the caravan in Wales. She also sent me some beautiful Polstitches perle #8 and #12 thread. Luckily they survived the Ruby attack as she confettied the post.

I am in the JA Birthday Exchange and received these gorgeous threads from Elisa, Anne, Kate and Jane.

and the MS Society sent a thank you letter for my fundraising - you can read it on my charity blog Aimetu's Stitchery.
We are off out tonight to the Wing Wah for a chinese buffet and after work tomorrow we're off to Wales again, hopefully this time the sun will shine.

Because it's my birthday I am having a competition to win a little something from me :) To enter just post a reply to this blog answering the following question;

Which year was I born in?

If you post about my contest and giveaway on your own blog I will enter your name twice for the competition and include an extra chart in the giveaway.
The giveaway details are on Aimetu's Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who has made today so good, happy stitching.

Sunday 6 September 2009

Mail Art

I recently organised a Mail Art Exchange on Jayne's Attic and the work produced was amazing. This is the beautiful piece I received from Barbara - she had stitched one over one - it's stunning.
This is the piece I stitched for Dusty in USA - although some of the stamps were missing when it arrived. I have just launched a Christmas Mail Art exchange - details are here -if you are not already a member come and join us - it's a great forum.

My wrist has improved although I have not been stitching or using the computer much as that makes it ache. Hopefully it will soon stop hurting altogether, it will be nice to stop wearing the splint.

School for me started Friday with our new Headteacher and official a new school. It was a fun day with lots of new stuff happening. Tomorrow is another training day and hopefully we will all get new emails (fingers crossed).

I don't really have much news this week as all I've done is run round after Ruby. We went to the caravan for five days with MIL and her partner which was good. We got back Wednesday so really only Thirsday to do the school shopping stuff - not that DD needed much.
My diet has been non-existant over the last four weeks - I have not weighed in once. Hopefully it will not be too much of a gain when I go Tuesday.

Hopefully I will blog more later this week but I will just share these lovely ribbons I found, not sure what I will use them for but I love the colours.