Sunday 28 July 2019

It's been HOT

We've had some very hot weather here in the UK over the last week, saying that yesterday and today it's been pouring down. 

Last week we had two days over 30 degrees, one day reaching 34 - our summers are usually mid to high 20s. It was so humid too, even with our fan on everywhere felt airless. 

Today with the rain the temperature is 14 degrees, that's more than half of Thursday's high, it feels lovely to be cool again ! 

A bonus is I got to use my 'hot' colours on my Temperature Quilts. I use the highest day temperature and lowest night temperature. The yellow on the night quilt is 15-19 degrees, that was the lowest so no wonder we struggled to sleep!

Temperature Quilt  - day
Temperature Quilt  - night
Our lounge and conservatory are nearly finished - the new laminate has been fitted and our lovely new table and chairs have arrived. We've ordered new sofas, they are the same dark colour but a slightly different style. We have new lights too which make such a difference.

Our new table and chairs
All the units are back, new carpet and new sofas coming soon
As we were going through stuff I found these two photos - do you think it's the same little girl?

The black and white photo is older .... it's me aged about 4 or 5 ..... the colour photo is our daughter Philippa when she was about 2 or 3

We are so alike in looks and mannerisms, people are always saying how alike we are but I was very surprised by these photos .... maybe because we are similar age in them.

No gardening today so it must be stitching time, thank you for popping by to read my news x x

Saturday 20 July 2019

Lovely warm colours

I've updated my day Temperature Quilt, we've have continuous warm weather the last week so lovely yellow and orange wuth one day over 25 degrees so a touch of red!

Temperature Quilt - day
My night Quilt has come to a mini halt - I have run out of DMC 502. No worries I thought, there will be a spare in my stash.... so Hubby lifted out my threads box and in the DMC 5** bag was ...

500   501   503   504 

..... but no 502. So unfortunately I will have to pop to the art shop ;-)

Temperature Quilt - night - paused!
Thank you to everyone who entered my gift away on my Gifted Gorgeousness July post .... I'll leave it open until  Friday 26th - good luck!

Monday 15 July 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness July

Another month has gone by and although I have been stitching, it's stitching for gifts so I can't share just yet ....... therefore this months GG is from me to you!

I have two charts to gift - let me know in your comment which draw you would like to be entered into, you can be in both. My gift-away is open to everyone.

If you link my giveaway on your page and send me an email to let me know I will enter you twice for your chosen chart or both.

Be Warm - Shepherd's Bush
including buttons
One Hundred Yesrs - Lizzie Kate
Gifted Gorgeouness is hosted by the lovely Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. The 15th of each month we post about any item we have gifted or been gifted or have used that was once gifted. Jo has a link page each month for us to visit each other's blog and our blogs are linked to Jo's. It's lovely to read about everyone's gifts.

Good luck in my gift-away, happy GG blog visiting.... next month I'll be able to share the gifts I've been working on.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

June and July framed

I have changed my The Drawn Thread monthly designs from box finished to just the fabric stiffened with interfacing so I can put them in a frame each month

You can read about my changes in this post from August last year. The frame I had made has suited all months, I think July completes the year.

I forgot to share June so here's a photo of both June and July in the frame.

I have managed to keep up with my Temperature Quilt, the colours are a little darker again now we're home, although our daytime temperatures are quite good.

Temperature Quilt - day
Temperature Quilt - night
My current stitching is a few gifts and an exchange so I cannot share..... I cannot stitch much either at the moment as we are freshening the lounge.

Over the last two years it's taken a bashing with us having to sleep/live in the one room and me wheeling around. The carpet has moved and the laminate flooring is not looking so good, we can't complain as it's over 20 years old.

So we're having a new carpet (same colour)  new laminate flooring in the conservatory and giving the lounge a lick of paint. It's a big job as our wall units need emptying, moving and the stuff put back. We're doing the lounge first with everything in the conservatory then vica versa, all good fun.

Yesterday and today have been preparation days, stuff to the tip and the charity shop (we're having a new dining table), and rubbing down ready for painting tomorrow.... what a job!

Our four large units
stacked in the conservatory 
Dust sheets everywhere 
Watching a blurry Wimbledon
Our daughter is at Wimbledon today, she has Centre Court tickets .... I've been trying to spot her on tv which is nigh impossible anyway made harder by the dust sheet.

Hopefully we'll be hoovered up soon and can enjoy a glass of wine with a Chinese takeaway (we're both too tired to cook).

Tuesday 2 July 2019

July already!

June passed by so quickly, it was a very busy month for us with family birthdays and our anniversary celebrations. Hubby and I had a super time on our cruise - you can see more photos and read about our trip in my travel blog - Aimetu's

My stitching this month has been for Needlecraft Haven's Summer Exchange and a few gifts so unfortunately I cannot share much this post.

A quick word about Needlecraft Haven Forum - we are a small friendly group of stitchers, knitters, card makers, quilters and general crafters. To prevent spam posts and keep our forum safe it is a closed Group BUT membership is free and it's very easy to join.

We've had quite a few new members lately but sadly they haven't posted so after 4 weeks their membership has lapsed. Maybe they just wanted to have a look .... if you join please post so we can chat and share your crafting too .... we have members in the UK, USA and Australia ... here's the sign up link

I have however completed my Temperature Quilt to the end of June .... we had an unusually hot day here in central UK on the 29th, it was a surprise to use my hottest colour. 

It wasn't a surprise to use the hot colours on our cruise, we expected the Mediterranean days to be high and the evenings warm .... thank goodness the cabin had air con, it was quite humid on the balcony.

Day Temperature Quilt 
Night Temperature Quilt 
My stitching plans for July are to finish the gifts, finish and make up the Summer Exchange gift, keep up with my TQ and hopefully do a few hardanger pieces for my church tree .... no holidays planned, although we might pop to Cardiff to visit our daughter, so there should be plenty of stitching time 🙂