Saturday 30 July 2011

TUSAL and photos

This is a photo heavy post; my first photo is my TUSAL - I am amazed at how it's grown this year. A definite signthat Ruby is calming down as last year I hardly did any stitching because she was always getting into mischief :)
TUSAL - 30th July
I have nearly finished my square on the JTHC RR I did with Hazel, Julie and Tina on Needlecraft Haven - I have run out of 869 but think there is one in my stash. I'm off to town today to look for the cushion for it so I may have a real HD later.

I did have two HDs because two of my colleagues at school retired at the end of term.I stitched them each a little gift.
Stitched for my favourite English teacher

Stitched for a great guy who has
now retired to France
That's all my stitching news for now - we've just had a lovely few days at the caravan with Nick's mum nad her partner. We did a couple of walks, Precipice Walk and the Mawddach Trail. here's a few photos including the blueberry picking at high altitude LOL
Precipice Walk - looking north

Precipice Walk - looking towards
 the coast
Me and MIL - watching our step
The View
Ruby helping with the Blueberry picking

The five of us on the Mawddach Trail - a flatter stroll
There are a couple of other photos in my album from our walk - Wales Summer 2011.

Finally here are Philly and my orchids. They flowered last year and we thought they'd died. I have fed them and watered them - just look now. Philly's is amazing, so full of flowers - mine has fewer flowers but the colour is gorgeous.
Philly's orchid
My orchid
Thanks for popping by - I hope you enjoyed my photo fest - I should really blog more often but there is never enough time - good job it's school holidays :)

Take care and enjoy the summer x x

Sunday 3 July 2011

Stitching news and my TUSAL

I finally have some stitching news to share :) so not much chat, just pictures :)
My part of Julie's RR
It was Julie's first RR and I really enjoyed stitching on her piece. You can see the final piece on her blog.

I have finished off the stitching from my other RR with Dusty, Jaclyn and Chris. I have made the coasters for the caravan - I love them, thanks everyone. I am going to make a few more when I get a chance.
My coasters
Oneof my students asked if I'd stitch something for his Grandma. I adapted a LHN design and we've mounted on the front of a photo album for her - hope she liked it.
Jaye's Grandma's gift
I have started a gift for a colleague who is retiring at the end of this academic year - he has three weeks to go :) It's 'Good Wine Good Friends' by Bobbie G Designs. This is how far I have got so far.
wip 020711
And finally here's my TUSAL for this month - it's growing amazingly fast this year :)
Lots of stitching news :) hopefully July will be a stitchathon as I do have a few bits to do :) Thanks for popping by x x