Sunday 20 January 2013

Snow time = stitching time

We've had snow since Friday - in fact school was closed 10.30am on Friday so we could all get home.Yesterday DH and I walked into town to do a little shopping, it was very picturesque but I was very glad I had my wellies on.

Today we have had constant snow since 7am - we should have been going to The France Show in London to enjoy a day of francais living and hopefully book some good deals on P&O ferries or My Ferry Link. Unfortunately the weather has beaten us which is very disappointing as we have paid for our tickets already and booked a wine tasting seminar.

So instead I have been sorting a few more of Dad's papers - some are easy, they go straight in the shredder or recycling; some make me smile; and others make me pause and think a while.

I have been doing a few bits of stitching but there is only one piece I can share here as the other pieces are for gifts - although two of the gifts are for people who are not members of Needlecraft Haven (yes really hee hee) so I will be sharing on the forum.

Anyway here is my progress on A Place We Call Home which I didn't do on Wednesday in the Parlour but did a little yesterday.

Please stay warm and safe if you have any snow - happy stitching x x x

Monday 7 January 2013

2013 first finish

I decided to theme my mantle every month or so as I have many lovely things and would like to display them now and then. This month's theme is a tenuous link to France as we are doing a few french things this month. France means wine so I have my Partylite iced crystal trio out as they look like wine gasses, especially when the candles melt. My gorgeous Winter Exchange from Fee is also on show.

I spotted The Drawn Thread pocket calendar charts which I thought would fit the mantle perfect. I have already finished January (good job really) and have the February chart ready to go. I need to find a mini easel now to display them on.


January Mantle
Now it's time to start some other peices and tomorrow night is Parlour night on NH :)

Tuesday 1 January 2013

2013 - a new year

Happy New Year to everyone - I wish you and your loved ones much love for 2013.

DH and I enjoyed a few days in Liverpool - I'lbe blogging about it on my other blog Aimetu's  in the next few days - we had a lovely time.
I have been busy stitching too - I've started a Drawn Thread piece but amnot going to say what it is just yet. Here's my progress so far.
It's been very busy on Needlecraft Haven - we've had our Winter Exchange Opening Day. Unfortunately one member has yet to receive her parcel - hopefully it is just a little late with the Christmas post. I can't reveal the gift I sent as my partner hasn't posted on the forum but I can show the beautiful pillow I received from Fee.
The Christmas Competition on the forum is now closed and I must draw the winner. This year we have a Reading RR and our first exchange of the year is for Valentine's. It is certainly a busy place - I can't believe it's been two years since I started it. A huge thank you to all NH members for making it a joy to run.
So to close my New Year blog here's my final orts jar - I am amazed at how full it is this year; maybe 2013 will be even fuller :)