Thursday 29 October 2009

Stitching news

At last I have some stitching news - I managed to stitch two nights running whilst we were at the caravan :) I am working on a new design, I'm quite pleased with it so far, hopefully I can show more soon, if Ruby lets me get on.

Whilst away I treated myself to World of Cross Stitch - I haven't bought an issue for a long time as I was finding it a bit samey. I was very pleased with the charts in this issue - I especially love the freebie booklet and the gorgeous Maderia thread - I can feel some Christmas stitching coming on (Ruby allowing).

Talking of Ruby she has been a little nightmare over the last few days at the caravan - heaven knows what gets into her sometimes. Today she has been "helping" me do some cleaning upstairs - I had to rescue a few things she thought she would like to use but she wasn't too bad. She has finally gone to bed - all on her own, into her cage and is lying down. I am surprised although I have had to put the radio on as she was waking and barking at any little noise. I wonder how long it will last :)
We're off out to a Chinese restaurant tonight; just me, DH and my dad. It's quite a posh one but worth it for a treat. No special occassion but dad has been unwell so we thought it would boost him up a little - not sure it will do my Slimming World much good though.

Happy stitching everyone, and enjoy half term for those of you who are off.

Sunday 25 October 2009

This week's news

It's been a bit mixed this week.

I had been waiting all week to have a meeting with our new Head (he wanted to see the five Learning Mentors altogether).We have all been worried our job roles would change, listening to other colleagues and previous meetings with senior management lead us to think this. Anyway he finally asked to see us Friday, which was a teacher training day. Worry over for now anyway - he wanted to discuss our job titles and salaries as we have to all be inline with other school (we're paid more at the moment) and he was just warning us things may change sometime next year. Although this is not really mgood news I was expecting far worse so left feeling quite relieved.

My dad has shingles so this week I have been looking after him again. He hasn't needed much really just a few more visits but it all takes time. We saw him today (you'll see later) and his rash looks much better.He is also more chirpy and not so tired. Hopefully he is well on the mend.

My weight is going up again :) I cannot seem to get back on the diet but I must. DH, Ruby and I are going the caravan for three days (yes no kids) so I'm going to really try hard and do lots of walking too.

Yesterday we went to Reading to watch London Irish v Leiester Tigers. A colleague at work had some free tickets but could not go and gave them to me. DH, DD, DDBF and I set off just before lunch - good job as the traffic was terrible, probably because of the half term hols. The match was ok but Tigers lost - I'm not sure I like seeing them in their away kit either, they look like Coventry City Sky Blues LOL. We all had a good day though :)

Today is DS 19th birthday and we've had a lovely time. MIL and her partner popped round earlier (they did not want to stay because of dad's shingles - I'm sure he's ok but they do worry). DSGF and DDBF came round as did my mum, step-dad and my dad. I cooked New York chicken with jacket potatoes and veg, and did lemon meringue pie or autumn fruits pie for pudding. We had a good laugh playing on the Wii sports and Ruby was very good. The four youngsters all get on well and it was nice to hear lots of laughter around.

No stitching news but I am hoping to get some done at the caravan - hopefully :)

Sunday 18 October 2009

Walking, stitching and resting LOL

We've done it :) We did 6 miles today for the Dog's Trust sponsored walk and have raised just over £100. I had loads of layers on because it was a bit nippy first thing - this is a photo of me and Ruby - the hat is fab it has two black ears :)

We are all tired now and for once she is lying down and having an afternoon nap - perfect for DH to watch the F1 GP (although he's nodding off too).

I have finished four more ornaments for Miss-tree - I need to look at how many I have and start getting some tinsel and other bits to add to the tree - it will soon be December LOL. There is another one but I am having trouble with my blogger account and it won't upload. For some reason too some of my photos are always on their side - they certainly aren't on my pc. I can't add to my lists either - the link stays black - if anyone has any ideas I'd be really grateful.

Hopefully now this week I can get the JA Christmas SAL up to date as I am soooooooooooooo far behind.

I have started to get the arrangements done for another meet up here in Nuneaton - it will be April 24th 2010. If anyone is interested and you want some more information just let me know.

Have a good week everyone :)

Friday 16 October 2009

Stitch Night

It was stitch night last night at mum's - although we only meet once a month it comes round really quickly. Four of us went last night:

Mum (Jan) - working on another quilt - lots of hand quilting on a huge double quilt.

Jan - working on a silk embroidery. Jan paints the picture onto the fabric then adds embroidery.

Maureen - binding the edging ready for her Celtic Christmas project. I had got all the materials for Maureen from Sew and So so she was busy setting it all up. Her frame wasn't big enough so Jan (who lives across the road from mum) popped home and lent Maureen a larger frame.

Clare (oh that's me LOL) - another ornament for Miss-tree. I have three or four now ready for finishing so I'm hoping to get sticking tonight.

We were busy all night and couldn't believe how quickly 9.30 came. Hopefully we can find a few more people to come along and get the group going properly.

DH has been off sick this week with a terrible cold, I'm not sure Ruby made a good nurse though. She is a monkey at times. We are doing the sponsored walk this Sunday - 6 miles - so I hope the weather stays fine.

Not much more news and no photos this week, but I'll take some of the ornaments when they're done.

Have a good weekend :)

Thursday 15 October 2009

Lesleyanne is ...

the winner of my 100th post giveaway. This is her blog.

I can announce it now because she has received her parcel which I wanted to be a surprise. I did not stitch anything this time (I just cannot manage to so much with Ruby) but sent some flower charts, fabric and threads.

More news soon x x x

Friday 9 October 2009

The winner ....

will be announced after the weekend (cos we're at the caravan again).

Could I ask everyone who entered to email me their snail mail so as soon as the winner is picked I can post off, even if I don't get chance to blog - thanks.

My email is

Thanks - have a good weekend everyone

Saturday 3 October 2009

Post 100 - and a great stitcher's day

I cannot believe this is my 100th post and although I have just had a giveaway I'm having another one :) I will enter everyone who replies to this blog and will be sending a little surprise gift to the person my DD picks out of a hat - good luck.

I've had a fabulous day today which is good because I've been having a bit of a stressful time which is why I've not been blogging much. Nothing really in particular just lots of stuff all at once :(.

Anyway today was a meet up here in Nuneaton organised by Lynn. All these stitchers came: Jacqui and Craig, Kathy, Chris, Tina, Hazel, Tracey, Maureen, Angie, Jan (my mum), Vicki, and Lara and her mum. We've had a brilliant day finshed off by a lovely meal in the pub. The photos say it all. Thanks Lynn it was a lovely day.

and this was my gorgeous goody bag - thanks Tina its lovely.

Last weekend DH and I went to London and had a fab time. We went to St Pauls Cathedral and climbed to the top of the dome to the Goldern Gallery. Saturday we went to a wine fair and then walked along the Thames back to the tube - it was lovely.

I received this beautiful ornament from Barbara for Miss-tree.

I have quite a few now, with a few more being made (I don't know why some of my photos are sideways,they aren't on my pc)
On the 18th October we are doing a 6 mile walk for The Dog's Trust - we'd be grateful for any donations - either on our online page or by post. The Dog's Trust helped us with our first dog and of course saved Ruby :)

Good luck with my giveaway - happy stitching.