Saturday 30 June 2012

Summer Exchange - edited

It's opening day for Needlecraft Haven Summer Exchange - I have been very spoilt by Barb who stitched a beautiful 1 over 1 design and made a sewing tin. Such beautiful stitching, thank you Barb.

I am going to use it to keep in the bag I put together last week - perfect for travelling :)

I  know my partner has received hers but until she posts on the forum I'm not going to say who I sent to and what I stitched - so if you pop by again later you might see some editing with pictures :)

Edited :) Julie has posted about receivingher gift - I know she did becaue I delivered it in person a few days early but it was the only night we were both free.

I stitched her a cake band and baked a cake to go with it - hee hee

It is also the TUSAL day on the forum (we just post pictures at the end of each month) - here's my jar after 6 months stitching.

We've been up to Dad's today and sorted a few things out - there's no food or drinks left there now - I sorted out some kitchen cupboards and a few of his clothes. DH took some stuff to the charity shop and we called at the tip on the way home so the things we sorted did go somewhere. It's not an easy job but it's ok if I do a little at a time.

Needlecraft Haven have a two month competition starting tomorrow - it's easy to join and free to sign up so if you haven't been before pop by.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Anniversary - lots of photos

It's our 23rd Wedding Anniversary today so hubby and I popped over to Stratford upon Avon. The sun came out :) and it was lovely strolling around the shops, buying bits and bobs before enjoying another lovely meal at Cafe Rouge. I do love their salmon and this time I indulged and had moules for my starter - yummy.

Here's a few photo from around Stratford.
Shakespeare's Birthplace
Front of Shakespear's Birthplace
Tudor House
English Pub
Christmas Shop
River Avon
We both said we'll go back for a weekend break - it's only an hour from home but it will be nice to be able to stay over as there were many nice pubs and restaurants, next year's plan !!

Last weekend we went to the caravan to bring DH's mum and her partner home after they'd spent a week there. It was the weekend of terrible flooding when we took them up the previous weekend. At one point our town was cut off as the roads had flooded. We were quite safe but it was horrible for some caravan owners south of Aberdovey estuary as they were flooded and must have lost many possessions. Thankfully no-one was hurt.

This is the flooding at the Broadwater, we usually walk Ruby over here as it's just a small lake.
Flooded Broadwater
There was a family of signets huddled together on high ground, quite close to the road but they didn't move when people went to the fence to look at them. We were a little worried as their parents weren't around but MIL said they went back in the week and the family were all together. Obviously the parents had moved the youngsters because of the flooding.
That evening the sunset was amazing - I managed to get full sun, going down and gone !!
Full sun
Going down
I finally found time to attach my LHN piece to a bag I was given. I use the bag for my stitching so it was very apt. I edged it in ribbon and added a couple of bows.
Stitching bag
And talking of bags my lovely hubby bought me this Cath Kidston bag for our anniversary - I had been saying I wanted one for holidays so it went with every outfit - he is lovely.

Cath Kidston Bag
My lovely friend in USA surprised me this week with a parcel. In it was this gorgeous knitted shawl which she sent as a hug and some comfort at the moment. It's a beautiful lilac with cabling. Thank you Cathy it really is gorgeous and so kind of you.

My special shawl
Finally some flowers - firstly a bunch of wild flowers I picked when we were walking Ruby and secondly my flowers for today from hubby - I said he was lovely :)

Wild flowers
Roses and carnations
Thanks you for popping by - I hope you enjoyed my photos and news. I'll be able to share some stitching soon as it's Opening Day next Saturday for the Needlecraft Haven Summer Exchange :)