Tuesday 31 May 2011

Happy Dancing in many ways

I have a few happy dances to blog today :) only one stitching but the others are just as important.

Firstly DH and I had a fabulous weekend in Wales, with DD and BF but without Ruby which made life very relaxed. Saturday was my first HD as DH and I hired bicycles and did a 10 mile ride - a huge thing for me :) It was along a flat trail on an old disused railway line - for those who read my blog it was along the Mawddach where we've been walking Ruby on our last Welsh trips. We managed about half way and back - it was hard going as the wind was against us on the way; so much easier on the way back. I think we'd do it again and maybe hire bike for a day next time.

Before we went to Wales we finished the garden (although the fences need painting). DH put down all the slate and I now have my pots in place. I'm so pleased with it - and it's somuch easier to maintain and keep Ruby's paws clean (no more digging)

The slate is now under the bench and on the far right with my pots.
All slated with my pots.
and my final HD is I managed to finish my Mum's birthday pressie on time (just). We had a lovely day out today for her birthday and a family meal at the pub. They are off to France tomorrow for a week so it's all a bit busy. Here's the Q by Prairie Schooler finished and framed.
Q - Prairie Schooler
Tomorrow is 1st June so it's TUSAL time again - my jar is certainly filling up this year and we're only five months in. Saying that I am amazed that Needlecraft Haven is 5 months old - where did that go :)

TUSAL 1st June
Have a great June, it's the start of summer :0 thanks for sharing my HDs x x

Saturday 21 May 2011

Q, Cake Bake and Hardanger

I have been workingon Mum's Q and I think it will be finished on time, although I'm running out of 3799 and will have to pop to town Monday whichmeans paying 85p !!!!!!!! for a skein. I might just place an order on Sew and So for a few more bits instead but then I'd spend more than 85p LOL

Q - Praire Schooler
Yesterday was the MS Society national cake bake and I made a few goodies for staff at school. It was 50p a cake and I raised £65. Here's a list of goodies I took in:
Sponge Cake
Lemon Drizzle Cake
Tea Loaf
Rocky Road
Mince Pies
Gingerbread People
Rasin Cookies
Cornish Fairings
Marmite Bread

I also had these cakes donated by colleagues:
Carrot Cake
Apple Cake

Last year the event raised £250,000 nationally and hopefully our £65 will help to reach this again. Thanks to everyone who helped; I take no responsibility for decreased funds or increased waistlines :)

Today I am demonstrating hardanger at Higham Church at their craft day. This is to help raise funds for their toilet block (they have to use the pub at the moment LOL) I am selling my bookmarks which are on my charity blog and giving the profits to their funds. My bookmarks are on sale at Aimetu's Stitchery and any profit goes to MS SOciety and St Cadfan's Church - if youare interested inone please emailme aimetu.clare@hotmail.com There is also a cross stitch bookmark for sale.

Needlecraft Haven is growing strong. April's sweetie competition was won by Barbara. I decided to pick three winners for the posting competition and the winners were Sally, Ann and Angi. Well done ladies - here are Barbara's  and Sally's prizes (these are Babara's and Sally's pictures, I don't have any pictures of the others)  

Barbara's Prize
Sally's Prize
I had better go and get ready for my Hardanger Day - thanks for popping by x x

Monday 2 May 2011

Fabulous Weekend and TUSAL

What an amazing time DH and I had at the caravan - we went up Thursday night so we could watch the wedding all day Friday.Andwhat a wedding it was :) everyone looked fabulous, Catherine was stuinning as was Philippa and I love seeing all the men in uniform.

Special moments for me were:
William and Harry going to church in a car like Catherine
William and Harry returning the salute and showing respect at the Cenotaph
Catherine's dress
Philippa's dress and how she looked after all those little ones
Prince Charles giving the Queen a peek on the cheek, and Philip doing likewise to Camila
William and Catherine having 'moments' together during service
William's salutes and Catherine's bowed head at cenotaph and accepting salutes
'Oh Wow' from Catherine when she walked on the balcony
The Kiss
The Car

I hope they enjoyed the day as much as DH and I did - we toasted them with a bottle of our favourite champagne as the walked out of the Abbey, and we enjoyed BBQ steak while they had their banquet LOL
A wonderful day, thank you Wills and Kate :)

I have done quite a lot of stitching over the weekend on Mum's Q (Prairie Schooler) - it's looking good

Q - Prairie Schooler
It's about time for TUSAL too so here is my jar - I was very good and brought all my orts back from Wales

Just before we went we used our Tesco vouchers in their exchange promotion and paid just £10 for this gorgeous Bisto set for the garden
Bristro set
We had lovely weather inWales - but windy - I caught a lovely sunrise (looking behind the caravan) and a great sunset from the beach (which is only four caravan in front of us)
So all in all a fab weekend, thanks for reading my blog, hugs to all x x x