Saturday 15 June 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - June

It's a very special Gifted Gorgeousness this month - huge thanks for Jo for allowing my May post about my Mum's Afternoon Tea for her 80th birthday.

Her actual birthday was 31st May but as she was on a cruise to Canada I had to give her gift to my stepdad to smuggle on-board and keep safe until the day. I don't do very much quilting or machine sewing but as my Mum does I decided to make her a project pocket for taking away on her travels.

I stitched Jardin Privé design Ciseaux et Bobines (scissors and bobbins) which I thought was perfect for Mum as she makes quilts. Using elements of the design I also stitched a covering for a tape measure, a needlecase and a bag for scissors. Because Mum was travelling and scissors can be restricted I bought her a Clover cutter and made a stand using a bobbin.

I was very nervous putting the fabrics together and especially making the project pocket as I have trouble working out where to stitch when things have to be turned .... inside out is something I find tricky.

Mum opened her gift on board ship before spending her birthday in Corner Brook, Canada. I haven't seen her yet as they have only just arrived home but she did send a message to say how lovely the gift was.

Mum's complete 80th birthday gift  - a Project Pocket for her travels
Needlecase inside
Tape measure
Clover cutter, bobbin and scissor bag
The front of Mum's Project Pocket
The back of Mum's Project Pocket
The inside of the Project Pocket
Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching - on the 15th of every month we post about any item we have either gifted or had gifted or have used that was once gifted. Our posts are linked to Jo's blog so we can see each other's Gifted Gorgeousnesses. Thanks Jo for hosting this great blog link each month, and once again many thanks for allowing Mum's party for GG-May.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Flaming June

Well it isn't 😂

The first of June was glorious and I moved up a colour on my Temperature Quilt, however since then it's cooled down and has been raining everyday.

Here's my progress to 7th June, I'll be stitching this week's weather tomorrow as Friday is check in day on Needlecraft Haven.

Just one day of hot weather on my Day Quilt
The temperature overnight has stayed
the same for a few weeks
Whenever she visits our daughter brings flowers, as I do when visiting her in Cardiff. On her latest trip she brought some beautiful lillies, I love the deep colour. The flowers are so huge I've had to put them where they can't touch anything else.
Gorgeous lillies
Although it's midweek our friends came for dinner. We're all retired but our, and our friend's, weekends seem to be always busy. I made salmon mousse for our starters, our main was mussels with French fries and it was salted caramel ice cream with fresh fruit for dessert. A lovely light meal for a Wednesday night.

Hubby found some beautiful napkins in Dunelm, in the sale at 63p. They look lovely, I'd like to get some more if we go in store again.

Perfect napkins
I'll be blogging again soon as the 15th is Gifted Gorgeousness time with Jo from Serendipitous Stitching and I have a very special gift to share this month.

Monday 10 June 2019

Another three for church

I'm not quite on track with my stitching, not behind just uncertain of which projects I have and what I should be working on. I guess I need an afternoon of stash sorting ! 

I did find some hardanger pieces that were half completed for a project I'm not doing anymore. The fabric is very soft but they have stiffened up with a little ironing starch.

I finished them with wrapped bars, eyelets and a spider's web centre. The edging was the trickiest, I have used diagonal blanket stitch which I think looks ok. There are two more to do which will make another five for my church tree.

Three more hardanger pieces for church 
It's been a busy weekend: Hubby's sister and husband are over from USA visiting my Mother-in-law who has just turned 83. Yesterday we had Sunday Lunch at a local pub, 11 of  us all together. It was lovely to meet up as we don't see each other very often.

Our daughter and boyfriend came up from Cardiff for the weekend so they could make the lunch and as it's our 30th Wedding Anniversary soon we went out for a meal on Saturday night. The five of us survived a very bumpy taxi ride down country lanes to a superb restaurant - Hercules Revived. 

When we got married it was Hubby's sister's husband who was our best man. They lived in Germany at the time and as a thank you we took them to this restaurant a few days before the wedding. It was a bit different in 1989 and since then it closed down and re-opened - hence the name.

It was lovely being all together; Hubby, me, son, daughter and her boyfriend. We had a superb meal, my pate was so tasty and my pork just melted. There was a good selection of wine too. The weather brightened up so we were able to sit in the garden overlooking the Leicestershire countryside for a pre-dinner drink - memories made :-)

A super evening - I love family time 
Well I best go and sort my stash and see what projects are calling. I have remembered to send Jo a photo for the Summer Blog Hop - you can find the details on her blog Serendipitous Stitching if you would like to take part too (it' at the end of her post)