Friday 24 February 2012

18th Birthday

It was Philippa's 18th last Friday - she had a great day. We had a family meal at Frankie and Benny's then she went ice skating with her boyfriend. At night the four of us went into town to the bar where Michael works - he was on shift and we had a great night; hic hic
Philly and her boyfriend
I haven't made any special cakes for a while but decided to make Philly a black and white flower cake. I was really pleased how it turned out. I have to more birthday cakes to make in March, a 60th and a 75th.
Philly's cake
I have been busy all week stitching my piece on Julie's RR for Needlecraft Haven - I do have more time but it has to go to Dusty next and the Mini RR also needs to fly over the pond to her so if I send the two together it saves the postage :)

Julie has chosen Debbie Draper's My Little Book of Stitches from The Gift of Stitching - it was lovely to do, thanks Julie.
Julie's RR
My other colleague has had a little girl so I can start stitching Piglet now although I must do my Spring piece for the Needlecraft Haven Season Exchange as that needs sending off soon.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for popping by.

Thursday 16 February 2012

London - February 2012

I've had a fabulous few days inLondon with my lovely hubby - I really am a spoilt lady - not sure why either as I'm no-one special, just me.
Anyway we stayed at Travelodge City Airport which is a s mple, clean hotel within a 10 minute walk of the airport (just a small one) with a good Docklands Light Railway station. It's a bit weird travelling on these trains as they have no driver - eek! We now have Oyster card so just swipe the card and travel wherever we like all over the city - it makes hopping on and off the tube very easy.

Valentine's Day we checked in then went into Oxford Street with all it's husle and bustle. Selfridges was our first stop to buy our Nespresso coffee - it's always amazing to see the handbags, perfume, and other luxury goods in there - amazing prices too !!

A lot of walking later - only the first day too - we popped into The Shakespeare for a drink before enjoying a fabulous meal at Cafe Rouge ( saumon salad for me; chicken for hubby; creme brulee for us both)

Wednesday we went to Westminster Abbey which although a little pricey it was stunning - we sometimes forget how intricate our own buildings are and what amazing history we have.

We walked past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment - again such amazing architecture. This is a beautiful staute of King Richard the Lionheart against Parliment windows - we saw his tomb when we were in onholiday in France last summer.

I have always wanted to have a proper Afternoon Tea but the Ritz is a little too much for us - you also need to book a log way in advance. However I did find Johnson's Restaurant which is part of The Strand Hotel and we had a lovely tea of sandwiches, cakes, and scones with jam and clotted cream - accompanied by really good coffee.

The best part of our weekend was another trip to Queen's to see Les Miserables. Ramin Karimloo is now playing Jean Valjean and he was amazing - very different to Alfie Boe - both good in different ways. Ramin is very good friends with Hadley Fraser (they have a band The Sheytoons together) and Hadley is currently playing Javert who is the policeman after Jean Valjean. The chemistry between the two of them on stage was amazing, two friends playing two enemies :)

Today we popped to Milton Keynes on the way home - we bought some lovely salad dressing and oils from Oil & Vinegar, and I had some more fruit infusions from Whitards. Lunch was Strada today - using our Tesco vouchers - I had seafood pasta and hubby had steak and chips - they do a delicious pud which I can never resist, nougat ice cream with nuts, with an expresso coffee poured over - gorgeous.

So now we're home for a quiet few days before going back to school - I could do with a rest as my left leg definitely belongs to someone else at the moment - feet up then ....


Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's wishes to all my friends - love to everyone x x

I have finished two of the baby gifts - we're still waiting for the third little one to arrive, any time soon.

And I've finished my square on Jaclyn's RR for the Needlecraft Haven Mini Round Robin. Jaclyn had done the gorgeous Hot Dog and I chose the cute Toad in the Hole - very funny designs.

DH and Iare off to London for a few days - Cafe Rouge meal tonight, Afternoon Tea at Johnson's tomorrow and then another visit to Queen's to see Ramin and Hadley in Les Miserables - oh I am a lucky girl.

Have a great Valentine's Day - take care, have fun, thanks for popping by x x  

Friday 10 February 2012

Please support if you can - thank you

Philippa, our daughter, did not pass her second attempt at her driving test but we are very annoyed as it was nothing to do with her. She was at an island indicating and ready to go left. She looked right and an Audi was there but indicating left to go up the road she was coming out of.

As she set off it changed its plan, cancelled the indicator and drove straight on. The examiner used his controls to stop the car a split second before Philly did. The whole fault was the Audi but we now have to pay another £62 for a test and the cost of using the instructor's car.

Philly had no other errors, the examiner was so sorry. Another test is fine but we are annoyed at the cost, which will be about £110, when it was not her error.

I have started an e-petition for re-takes to be free in these types of fails, and there be a scale for other errors. I can now see why we have so many unlicensed drivers on the road, people can't afford to keep taking the test, especially when it's not their fault.

This will not necessarily help Philippa but we will have raised the issue and may have some effect in the future. If there is enough support it will be read in Parliment.

You will have to confirm the email they send you to activate your vote

Many thanks, please share this as we need lots of signatures

Clare x

Sunday 5 February 2012

Snowy news and a bit of stitching

Like many we had snow yesterday - perfectly arriving as we arrived home from a lovely pub lunch. This morning we had a good few inches and my plant pots looked like souffles :)

I have managed to do quite a bit of stitching since the New Year - I set up my two RRs which have been posted and have arrived at their first holiday destination with Dusty.
My start on my Angels
This is the finished design from Cross Stitch Gold
I have stitched two ornaments for my Christmas Tree at church next year - it will be called 'Family Tree' and will be filled with names we use in our families.

I have also finished stitching the first baby gift - a Tigger picture for Frankie who was born in December and I've started my next birthday gift, Pooh picture, for Eliza who was born just last week. I also have a Piglet picture to do for my other colelagues baby who is due in the nextfew days - another girl we think :)
Tigger for Frankie
The start of Pooh for Eliza
I have converted a bag my mum made into a ipad bag so I can easily carry it around school.

It's our DD's birthday in 12 days time -I can't believe Philippa will be 18, she has her driving test Wednesday too so quite a busy time for her.

I am hoping to be able to catch up on everyone's blogs soon, I know I have been a little lax, sorry. Thank you for popping by to read my news x x x