Saturday 27 December 2014

Thank you to all my friends

I've had a lovely Christmas with friends and family - thank you everyone x x 
Here's all our festive fun in pictures :)


I hope you've all had a good Christmas
with your loved ones - Merry Christmas x x x
Wishing you and your families a very Happy New Year !!

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and I think we're done. I have a few things to finish off in the kitchen but all the gifts are wrapped and have been delivered or are waiting under the tree for tomorrow.

I have no photos to share in this post - I just want to wish you all a wonderful time with loved ones present, and cherished memories of loved ones passed, so here's something from us to you (click for link)

Friday 19 December 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 - December.... the final !!

I cannot believe it's the final posting for Stitch from Stash 2014 - a HUGE thank you to Mel for all her hard work in organising and running this fun online challenge ..... and for doing it all again next year !!

I have managed to have a zero spend for half the year - I didn't spend anything until May but seemed to spend more in the following months, although most things were for gifts, exchanges or meet up goody bags.

So here is my final month of 2014's report:

  • Jardin Prive - Friendship
  • Monthly Challenge - Ancsanaplo - Winter
  • Monthly Challenge - Pigna di Natale - Christmas Pine Cone
  • CCN - Santa's Sleighworks
  • 32ct white evenweave
  • 14ct sage green aida
  • DMC as chart requires
  • Green Merry Christmas Ribbon
  • Red Season's Greeting Ribbon
  • Christmas bells backing fabric
  • stuffing
Additions to Stash
  • Two Lizzie Kate charts (gifts to be stitched in 2015 so cannot say which)
  • 32ct Permin Linen Lambswool
Total spend £20.66
I am so looking forward to 2015, although I need to re-read the rules as a few things have changed. My stash boxes are no longer in the attic so I will be able to get finishing items, threads and fabrics much easier. I think my stitching has increased since I brought them down too as I know I put off finishing before because of having to go up the ladder.
I have finished November and December's monthly challenge on Needlecraft Haven but I can only share November's and I have started work on my Santa's Village table cloth again which I stitch every Wednesday in The Parlour on Needlecraft Haven.
November Monthly Challenge
Santa's Sleighworks
I have three exciting projects for 2015 - all special gifts so I cannot share on my blog until they are received. I have already bought the charts (that's my spending this month) and am going to start one today because I'm so excited about it)

My total spend in 2014 was .........  £105.40 which is less than £10 a month - I'm quite proud of my small spending amount and I'm sure Hubby is pleased too :)

Monday 15 December 2014

10 days until Christmas

We've had The Round Table (charity collection) round tonight with Santa on his sleigh all lit up, music playing. His visit every year makes the start of Christmas for me - I just love to see him on his sleigh.

Our decorations have been up a while - earlier than ever before. I have finished shopping and wrapping - earlier than ever before too hee hee. Our tree this year is in the lounge ad we can again safely put gifts underneath it. I have my usual snowmen on the mantle and mistletoe in our hall, visitors you have been warned.

Our tree filled with ornaments 
Our Christmas mantle
'I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus'
I have some cooking to do but nothing much until nearer Christmas Day - we will be 8 for Christmas Dinner but we're out on Boxing Day so I don't need to do party stuff.

I have finished my monthly challenge from Needlecraft Haven ... for November !! A little late but I have also finished the one for December but I can't share that one just yet.

November Christmas Ornament
and I have finally been stitching on my Santa Village table cloth - I knew it had been a while but when I check it was early September when I last did any work on it. My rotation has completely stopped and consequently my stitching has been very slow. I definitely stitch more when using a rotation plan. Here's my progress on CCN Santa's Sleighworks.

Sleigh progress
I hope all your festive plans are going well - remember though it is just one day and gifts are given for love/friendship not value or cost. Take time to enjoy getting everything ready, there's nothing better than a coffee break surrounded by wrapping, ribbon and tinsel.

Merry Christmas everyone x x

Monday 1 December 2014

Christmas is coming !!

It's December 1st so Christmas is coming and I have started to put a few things around the house; namely our advent lights, count down board, Santa's Workshop and Gingerbread House candle holders, advent calendar and advent candle.
Scandinavian advent candle 
December mantle with advent calendar & candle
Count down
We've also received our first few Christmas cards so I have put up one of our Santa card holders - by Christmas we have usually filled the two we have.

Santa card holder
Needlecraft Haven has turned festive with a whole section just for Christmas and today is Opening Day for the Ornament Exchange. I received a lovely ornament and card signed by my ' secret stitcher' as Christine will reveal who sent to who once all the ornaments have been received. I have no idea who sent mine but it's gorgeous - thank you secret stitcher.

Christmas Ornament Exchange
I'm sure mine has arrived but I'm not saying with who or where and I can't share a photo just yet.

Saturday was the Grande Finale in our 100 Wine Challenge for scouts - I will be blogging on Aimetu's later this week but I wanted to share a photo of the gorgeous gifts we received as a 'thank you' - a real surprised which really touched me.

A beautiful bouquet
Great wine man
I hope you are all beginning to be in the festive mood and not just weighed down with shopping, wrapping and baking. It's a time to be enjoyed not exhausted.

Thanks for calling by and reading my Advent news :)