Wednesday 27 May 2009

Hardanger Day was absolutely FAB

I had an absolute ball - it was such a lovely day. There were ten ladies, most had dabbled in hardanger but all wanted to start a fresh. They were so friendly and so keen to learn. We started off doing a few sample kloster blocks on some squares of aida (too big really but great to get the idea). Everyone managed the cutting so we then started on the bookmarks; one lady did the beginners, one lady the advanced and everyone else chose the intermediate. At times the room was absolutely silent they were concentrating so hard - Margaret who owns the shop said that had never happened on a workshop before LOL.

At the end of the day everyone had managed to complete a good proportion of their bookmark and had tried every stitch needed to finish. I popped back into the shop yesterday and Margaret said one lady had rung in to say she had completed her's over the weekend :) All the ladies said how much they enjoyed the day - here's hoping I am asked to do another one next year as I had such a good time and was not as tired as I thought I'd be.

My designs are now released for general sale - I had to wait until after the workshop so the ladies had an exclusive design. All the details are at Aimetu's Stitchery under Aimetu's Designs with all profits going to charity.

We have had a good weekend away - I have been busy at church helping with the teas and coffees on Monday. An old school friend who was staying near Barmouth popped over for the afternoon with her family - it was nice to catch up.

Sunday afternoon we went to watch the duck race at Dolgoch Falls, it was quite funny watching all these yellow plastic ducks bobbing along LOL

Stitching wise I have completed a birthday gift for my friend - obviously I can't share that yet LOL but I did do quite a lot on St George for JA UFO night - there you go Mr Stick UFO work even on holiday :)

Life at home is quite stressful at the moment, mainly with DS. We have no idea whether he will complete his course or not - he doesn't seem to be putting any effort into finishing or looking for another job. I'm sure things will sort themselves out but I have to say it's not easy just now. I am trying not to get too wound up or I know the MS will appear full blast and I have a few niggling symptoms already. I keep trying to stay stress free and appear relaxed to the outside world but it's getting harder everyday, hope things calm down before Monday when we're back at school.

Off to catch up on a few posts and then a little stitching, take care.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Totally Useless SAL update + Hardanger Day

I am all ready for Saturday - I am teaching at the sewing shop in Tywyn. The lady who owns the shop runs workshops and asked me to do a hardanger day. I have designed three bookmarks and have charted and printed them ready. I have also bought all the threads and fabric. It looks quite a hoard but there will be 12 ladies and depending on which chart they chose they could need 2, 3 or 4 different threads.

Because we are away for the reveal day of the Totally Useless SAL I have taken a picture of my jar today. It's filling up but is mainly ecru so doesn't show up to well and I have been busy doing my charts so I haven't done much stitching at all.

I have managed to find time to do the UFO work for this week. St George now has a full cross and most of the background on the right side. I am taking it to Wales and will be doing some more next Tuesday.

My weight is just dropping off - I lost another 1 1/2 pounds this week. I am following the diet but I am under quite a bit of stress at the moment and I'm sure that is helping my weight loss.
DS is finding it a little difficult, as are DH and me. DD is doing fine and was quite confident after her exam and received a distinction for her latest piece of PE coursework. My school is having major changes in September some of which are starting to happen now and it is a little unsettling so more stress and concerns (not worry though) there. And I have resigned from my role as District Chairman for Nuneaton Scouts. I feel very sad about it as I have been in Scouting fro 25 years, longer really if you count my time as a youngster. Again there have been lots of changes and I just feel it's the right time to move on, however now it has happened I do actually feel quite a loss. I have not been feeling too good just lately, quite down and very tired, a symptom of the MS that I don't manage very well (my physical problems are just annoying and can be laughed off) I think I do need this break at the caravan if only to find some peace and relax. Thankfully I can get to church there on Sunday for the Family Service.

Enjoy half term, happy stitching, be back Thursday.

Monday 18 May 2009

Stitching and books

I have finally finished my other hardanger bookmark - good job too as I'm teaching on Saturday.
This one is the Intermediate Bookmark on 28ct fabric. I used evenweave fabric in ecru, DMC perle #8 & #12 in ecru and DMC 3348 stranded cotton.

I have six bookmarks now stitched, two versions of each.

I am busy now finishing off my charts, and when my stash order arrives I will be able to kit them up. I am getting quite excited about the day.

I will be adding the charts to my charity blog when we get back from Wales.

I have been reading quite a bit too, I've just finished Delicious by Nicky Pellegrino. It's a lovely story set in Italy, I have left a write up in The Reading Corner. It was up for grabs and has now found a new home with Christine :) - the full list of my books looking for a new home is on the right hand side of my blog.

I don't think I will get much more stitching done this week because of getting ready for Saturday. I do have quite a few pieces to take to Wales with me including this months Christmas Ornaments for Miss-tree. I also have a couple of birthdays and other gifts I would like to stitch.

Yesterday was hairdressing day - our good friend Mel comes here and does all 5 of us (including my dad). She has just had a baby girl and she bought Summer (3 weeks old) along too. We had a great time taking it in turns to have our hair cut and hold the baby.This is a great picture of Philippa with Summer asleep on her, and she is still doing her revision. She has her English GCSE exam tomorrow (she is taking it a year early - schools decision not ours)

Happy stitching to everyone and have a good time if you are away for half term next week.

Tuesday 12 May 2009

A stone :)

I've done it - I've lost my first stone at Slimming World and gained another sticker :) It a really lovely plan to follow - I'm still enjoying my wine and even when going out I don't miss anything. Hazel has sent me a receipe for a cake that is like Battenburg so am eager to give it a go, I'll probably go and get the ingredients tomorrow.

My feet haven't got any worse or any better so that's a fairly good sign. Generally I feel ok, a little down but nothing serious. Hopefully my cheerful self will return soon.

I have finished my Advanced bookmark on 28ct ready for the teaching day and now I have to start the Intermediate one. I have the "terrible" chore of stash shopping tomorrow for the items to kit out my charts - such a shame - not sure I'll cope LOL

I have done some of my new UFO, a bit of a slow start but I have now completed the cross and hope to get more of the cream finished later tonight. It's St George and so far I have completed the shield and the cross on the horse drapes. It's a bit weird stitching it as when I started it (over 5 years ago) I used to stitch \ / but now I stitch / \ so I am frogging a bit as I forget oops :(

I have started my Totally Useless SAL - this is a picture of my lovely IKea jar and a few pieces of thread inthe bottom. The first official reveal day is May 24th, hopefully it will have a few more bits in by then. That's about all for today - no news about DS. I am off to the school prom on Thursday in my lovely dress I bought earlier in the year. I'll try to get some photos to show off my new figure.

Thanks for reading my news.

Sunday 10 May 2009

News - but not good

DS no longer has the job at the vets... it didn't quite work out.. but I guess it's all experience. We now have to sort out how he can finish college and he is looking for another job...not sure if he still wants to do veterinary though.

I have been feeling a little unwell all week too. I didn't lose any weight last week and I felt very uncomfortable at Slimming World, tummy and back ache. I've had it on and off all week now and it's starting to get me down a bit - guess I'll have to see the doc if it doesn't improve.

And today I have woken up with pins and needles in the bottom of my feet... this is not a good sign as it could mean another MS attack, something I could do without at the moment. I have tried to rest a bit today and will see if it goes away or starts creeping up my leg in which case a definate trip to the docs.

Now for some better news :)

I have just downloaded all my missing issues of The Gift of Stitching. My membership was up for renewal so whilst paying for that I took advantage of their $1.50 back issue offer to subscribers. I now have a full set and should never need to buy a hard copy of a stitching magazine again.......... well maybe just one or two LOL

I have nearly finished my advanced bookmark on 28ct for my teaching day so just have the intermediate one to do and then complete both charts. I have made up most of the kits just need to order a few things - yes that means stash shopping...shame isn't it? After the teaching day I will be releasing my charts for sale on my charity blog Aimetu's Stitchery. I am really looking forward to this day.

Last Thursday was the first meeting of our new stitching group. Mum kindly offered the use of her lounge until the group size grows and we can afford to hire somewhere. There were five of us happily stitching and chatting for over two hours; me, Ursh, Lynn, mum and her neighbour Jan. We are meeting again on June 25th, if anyone lives near Nuneaton and wants to join us you'd be very welcome.

I have also joined a fab SAL thanks to Urszula's enabling. It's a Totally Useless SAL in which you save all your cut ends from stitching. You can save them in any container and yesterday I bought a lovely lidded jar from Ikea...I have added bits too :)

The blue tits are nesting in our box which is right outside our bedroom window - I managed to lean out the other day and get a photo - I was only about 4 feet from them. They are in and out all the time but I haven't heard lots of cheaping so maybe its still mum sitting on the eggs.

And finally...

there is now a list of books looking for a new home at the top of my blog. DH did not win enough on the Euro-millions for me to afford a library big enough for all my books LOL so just email me if any of them take you fancy.

Monday 4 May 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

We have had a lovely weekend at the caravan, beautiful weather too apart form today. Saturday was "nail" day - Philippa and I always have a manicure at the beauticians when in Wales - our treat :) I called in the stitching shop and there are 12 ladies booked on the hardanger day - I'm getting quite nervous now.

Sunday was quiet, I went to church (St. Cadfan's) it was a lovely service. I had baked a cake for Monday coffee morning - the church hold one every Monday as it's market day and the ladies bake some wonderful cakes. I try to make one too as they must do nothing but bake every weekend ready for Mondays.

Today it was wet, but we still went round to the market. It was the first one this season; same stalls but a great place to stock up on household stuff like bin liners LOL. We popped into church for a coffee and a piece of cake, Jeanette's lemon drizzle cake is gorgeous but I did resist as it's weigh in tomorrow.

We did quite a lot of walking and on Saturday we were lucky enough to see the dolphins in the bay. They were quite close in (the white waves are hitting the beach). DH managed to photograph one just as it jumped out of the water.

Some of the flowers in the garden have bloomed whilst we've been away; the white bleeding hearts and the clematis. They are so pretty, with such delicate colours.

I have been doing some stitching but mainly for the teaching day so nothing new to show. Mum however has made three ornaments for Miss-tree, gorgeous aren't they?

I made a skirt for the Grease production at school and now I'm happy with it I have a few more to do, probably around 20 I think. I'm off to Coventry next Saturday to get some more fabric but I have cut another five out of the pieces I already bought.

This week looks like being a busy one for me - enjoy yours whatever you are up to.