Saturday 27 September 2014

September Stitch from Stash

Oh dear - even less stitching from me this month, in fact I am behind with quite a few of my projects.

I'm not worried though, just haven't picked up a needle much. We have been away too - 12 lovely days in France

Here's my September report:

  • the Drawn Thread - September
  • CCN - Sleighworks
  • 2001 cross stitch design book

  • 28ct white
  • Aida band
  • DMC colours as required for charts
  • Fabric and ribbon for September
  • Felt

Additions to Stash

  • Ribbon bought on holiday in France €4.50 (£3.75)

So my total spend was £3.75 😁

I can share a few photos though. Mary was my partner for the Needlecraft Haven Holiday Exchange (in last month's report). I sent All the World chart by Kappie, Beachcomber & Clam Shell Weeks Dye Works threads and stitched a blue and white seaside themed biscornu. We had to include a postcard from a holiday place or home, I included one of Tywyn in Wales where we have our caravan. 
holiday Exchange for Mary 
I managed to finish my September The Drawn Thread in time but I haven't even started October's yet.

September - The Drawn Thread
Ribbon bought in France
Hopefully I will stitch more next month (I seem to have been saying this a while). 

Thursday 11 September 2014

Before I go ....

.... on holiday I thought I better do a quick catch up blog. My stitching has not been happening as Philly is home from her summer working in Cyprus and we've been busy busy busy.

We had another quick trip to the caravan as we had to have a replacement boiler so needed to check it was ok and of course pay the fitter. We came home a new route - via the Horseshoe Pass and Llangollen - the scenery was stunning.

Horseshoe Pass
Oh no not those two again !
You can see the road round the bend and
cutting through the other side

Llangollen Bridge

The River Dee
LLangollen steam railway
I've also been doing a bit of baking - a courgette cake, a coconut cake, a Guinness cake for Michael and everyone working on getting the new bar open (hopefully this weekend) and a Schokogugelhopf for Philly coming home.

Coconut Cakes
Courgette Cake

 The only stitching I have to show is the Monthly Christmas Challenge for August - a cute snowman from Wollen Sails

August ornament
I still have the Autumn exchange for Needlecraft Haven to stitch, this month's challenge, October's The Drawn Thread, Santa's Village and of course so many other lovely projects I've seen. I will be taking stitching on holiday and hopefully will get quite a bit finished. sleep - have you read the book by S J Watson? We went to see the film yesterday (it was my birthday so a nice treat to go with Nick and Philly, Michael was working) - as in most cases I prefer the book but the film was good and did differ slightly but did not take away from the story. I also listened to it on Radio 4 Extra's Book at Beachtime, half an hour a day at anytime using the radio iplayer.

Well that's my quick catch up - I had a lovely birthday yesterday but packing calls. Thank you for reading my news, please leave a comment as they are lovely to read. Holiday news in a few weeks :)