Friday 4 March 2011

TUSAL March 4th

It's TUSAL time again and I have to say this year my jar is filling up nicely :)

March 4th
I have been doing quite well with my Prairie Schooler - I am loving the design and the chart is really wasy to read (unlike some that have symbols that are too simillar)
Prairie Schooler WIP
I managed to do three ornaments for the Needlecraft Haven monthly stitch along - I had already stitched them so just had the finishing to do and again I took the easy option and used my bondaweb. I might be a bit more adventurous this month if there's time.

And this is the February Challange piece, again from Needlecraft Haven. I wasn't sure how to finish it so made it into an ornament - I think I should have done the heart in red as a contrast.
February Challenge
I have ordered and received the pdf charts fro the first two parts of the Sampler au Bouquets SAL - I just need to find some fabric now and get it set up. I am also doing a Spring Bookmark Exchange (NH again) and have chosen my design and fabric, just need to sort out my threads.

All these projects are a little scary for me as I am usually a one or two project stitchers, it feels odd to have so many wips on the go. Here's the list for this month:

Prairie Schooler to be finished and framed by 2nd April
Jaclyn's RR to be ready to post 8th April
Spring Bookmark to be ready to post 19th April
March Monthly Challenge to be finished by 31st March
March Monthly Christmas ornament to be finished by 31st March
Sampler au Bouquet SAL starts 15th March 

What can I say but h...e...l...p I need more minutes in each hour and more hours in each day :~}