Tuesday 30 June 2009

Poorly girl:(

Unfortunately Ruby isn't coming home today :( DH went to pick her up but she has been a little under the weather and the vet wants to keep her there until the weekend. It's definately better for her to be there than here (new surroundings) if she isn't well. Prayers and fingers crossed that she wil come home soon.

Good news is Michael had his presentation day today ay college. We've had lots of ups and downs, and upsets but he has passed :) If he changes his mind about working with animals he can at least prove he completed the course.

I'm going to have a quiet night tonight, what with the heat and all the goings on I feel a bit fragile.

Sunday 28 June 2009

Back from Devon

DH and I had a lovely time in Lynmouth. The Tors Hotel (and room) was perfect, just as we remembered. We booked in then walked down to the village for tea on Friday, had a lovely meal and even enjoyed the climb back up to the hotel LOL.

Saturday we walked back down to Lynmouth and took the funicular railway up to Lynton. There are not many shops there but there was a lovely arts and craft centre, so many gorgeous handmade items. I bought two mini soothers for my neck, just the right size to hold in my hand.

We bought lunch and walked about a mile along the coastal path to the Valley of the Rocks, it was very impressive. We sat in a beautiful isolated spot with full sea views in the warm sun enjoying our picnic. I could have stayed there all day.

The walk back was good, a little uphill but nothing too hard. On the way back we spotted some of the feral mountain goats, they were so close to us, not afraid at all. We then decided to walk down to Lynmouth, oh it was steep and hard at times not to break into a run LOL. Safely back down I decided to treat myself to an ice-cream (blow the diet) and could not resist a blob of clotted cream on top too.

After a climb back up to the hotel for a bit of a rest and to watch some tennis we walked back down into the village (yes our legs do hurt today) and had another gorgeous meal.

It was a shame to leave today, I guess we'll go back again to 'our room' hopefully before another 20 years though. This photo is from the path down to Lynton, you can see how high we were. The hotel on the hill opposite, and you can see Lynmouth right below us.

The diet has gone out of the window this week and I'm not going to SW on Tuesday - not only because of my slip but because Ruby comes home and I don't want to leave her. We popped in to see her on the way home and she recognised us straight away. We have everything ready, we can't wait to let her run round free as we've had to keep her on a lead at the kennels. It will be so nice for her to roam round the house and garden.

I have not done much stitching but will have to spend time on my beaded gifts as I need to give them on Saturday if possible - it could be the week later if I don't finish.

Sign up for the JA Mail Art Exchange and the JA Hardanger Tutorial SAL closes on Wednesday 1st July -s o hurry up if you want to join in.

...and finally just look at my flowers - I couldn't believe it when I got home - they are stunning.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

20th Anniversary

It's our 20th Wedding Anniversary today and I've definately been spoilt. DH bought me a beautiful white gold and diamond necklace and earring set and some huge lillies.

Tonight we are going out for a meal - the local Indian Restaurant does a Slimming World 3 course meal - whey hey how good is that? ... and we're off to Lynmouth for the weekend.

I lost another 1.5 pounds this week making a total of 21 pounds - now I have my stone and a half sticker :) I love getting these stickers - they are a real booster.

I took some students to the local college's fashion show this afternoon. It was absolutely amazing, fantastic designs, fabrics and colours, and the models were very professional.

I forgot to show my TUSAL jar the other day - it's amazing how many threads are in there after just two months.

Enjoy the sun, happy stitching.

Monday 22 June 2009



We went over to see her again twice this weekend. Saturday we had to meet with the behaviourist and she quickly got used to us again. We're sure the only reason she was so nervous before was because she was waiting to go back home - bless her.

We were with her about an hour and gave her a new toy which she promptly "killed". She was soon coming to us without the bribe of a treat. We had a while with her on our own and she was very good, she knows sit and down and does respond well when you correct her. She is only 1 so plenty of time to learn stuff.

Sunday when we went back she recognised us straight away and we had quite a while with her on our own. We have decided to call her Ruby-rose, and she did begin to turn when we called "Ruby".

She finally comes home Tuesday 30th, which will be quite an exciting day because.......

DS has completed his college course - we are so relieved and pleased that he stuck it out after such a horrid experience. Tuesday 30th is his certificate day so DH is going with him to college for the presentation. On the way home they will go to get Ruby. I'm not sure how I'll manage to work that day.

I don't have much more news this week - here's the main highlights:
  • DD completed a week working in the PE department at my school for her work experience, they thought she was brilliant and would offer her a job anytime.

  • I have finished making the skirts for the Grease production - 17 spotty ones and 12 plain. I have also cut out all the neckerchiefs, found some very cheap sheets to use for the angels and hopefully borrowed some boiler suits for the mechanics scene.

  • We had a lovely meal out with Dad for Father's Day - he seems much better since starting on insulin for his diabetes.

It's our 20th Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday so DH and I are off to Devon for the weekend. Our fist holiday was at the Torrs Hotel in Lynmouth. We stayed there again for the second part of our honeymoon (same room) and we're going again for our 20th (same room too). We're really looking forward to going back - even the journey in the Friday traffic seems like an adventure LOL.

Quite a few people have signed up for the JA Mail Art Exchange and the JA Hardanger Tutorial SAL. It will be fun to do these. As soon as everyone has bought their charts I will be able to update the charity donation total on Aimetu's Stitchery.

I missed the JA UFO Night last week and I think I'll be missing again this as I have some gifts that need finishing urgently. It's actually getting quite busy towards the end of the school year as we have so many people retiring or leaving - I will be out nearly every night for a week the last week of term - blow the diet LOL

Enjoy Wimbledon and the summer weather, happy stitching.

Sunday 14 June 2009

Sunny Sunday

This weekend has been quiet but good, a lovely sunny weekend spent with DH, DS and DD. Yesterday DH and I did loads in the garden, planting up the pots and cleaning the patio. We did take a break and popped to the local garden centre to get a few more plants and enjoy a cuppa :)

I have done some more of the JA Christmas 2009 SAL - Christmas Wishes is now done and Christmas Tidings just needs the edging doing.

I have started stitching/beading two gifts for a colleague at school who is retiring this summer. They are two wine labels and I'm going to get a good bottle of red and white to give with them.

I haven't done any other stitching but have cut out another 12 skirts for school and quite a few neckerchiefs. I'm hoping to pin them tonight and machine them tomorrow.

DD is coming to school with me tomorrow for the week as she is doing her first week's work experience in our PE Department. She is really looking forward to it.

Today we all went out and on the way stopped at Hatton Locks. There are 21 locks in all - quite a sight. The first photo looked down the flight and the second looked up.

It looked hard work opening and closing the lock gates.

At the side of one set of gates was a beautiful sculpture of a dragonfly, it was funded by the lottery and looked stunning in the sunshine.

The final picture is DD and me by the locks and some huge swans just sitting on the path preening, they had such big feet LOL.

Our big news is we are having another dog :) we lost our Black Jack (BJ) two summers ago and finally feel it's right to have another dog. We went to The Dog's Trust today with the view of seeing a male puppy and it being ready to come home just before the school hols so I can be at home with it all the time.

However we have chosen a one year old female collie cross. She is short haired, chocolate and white and at the moment is called Saffy. She has been with a family already but they couldn't keep her - nothing wrong with her just their lifestyle. At the moment she is very very nervous and shy but I guess suddenly being brought from your home and left in a kennels makes anyone feel lost.

We spent a good 20 minutes with her and by the time we left her tail had started to curl upwards instead of being down between her legs and it actually wagged a little. We are going back to see her next weekend and will hopefully have her by the end of the month. I took this photo with my phone - she looks quite happy with DS and DD.
I am feeling a little brighter this week, and not so tired. I am hoping that by the summer I will be back to my cheerful self - be able to let a lot of stuff go and just be me.

Thanks for reading my blog - have fun.

Tuesday 9 June 2009

Weight loss :)

Just a quick add on - I have lost another 6 pounds in a week - how amazing is that :)

I have now lost 20 pounds in total and am only 1.5 pounds away from my next target.

I am so so pleased, it's the boost I needed :)

Sunday 7 June 2009

SAL is growing fast :)

I have joined the JA Christmas 2009 SAL and have decided to do both Christmas Wishes and Christmas Tidings, both by Loupylou Designs. I have changed the fabric and threads for Christmas Wishes but am pleased with it so far. I haven't quite finished this months amount for Christmas Tidings.
Christmas Wishes

Fabric : 28ct Permin Linen in Natural

Thread so far : DMC Perle #12 white, DMC 304, 335 and 700#

I have yet to choose an alternative for the Caron

Christmas Tidings

Fabric : 28ct evenweave in Antique White

Thread so far : DMC Perle #8 and #12 in white

This is the first time I have done a SAL like this - I did a marquoir a few years ago over 24 months but it wasn't quite like this. I'm really enjoying it - the problem I will have is not to start the next bit LOL

I made this apron for a friend at work's birthday - she makes some fantastic cakes so thought this might be useful - not sure if she has used it yet.

I have a few more gifts to stitch over the next few weeks - the Head of English is retiring and I am planning a little beaded item (or two) for him, he's been wonderful to me since I started. My beautician in Wales is getting married in July and I'd like ot do a little something for them so I guess I'll be busy.

I cannot believe how many people are signing up to the JA Mail Art Exchange and the JA Hardanger SAL. I am really enjoying organising these and really really looking forward to seeing everyone's stitching. It's open to everyone if you'd like to join in.

Things are looking a little brighter for DS, he has knuckled down and nearly finished his course - we have found a few things out which indicate the vets was not all it seemed. He seems a little more confident, hopefully this will increase and he will soon be sorted one way or another. Thank you for all you kind thoughts and words - it has been a very difficult time.

DD is doing really well at school and has applied to be Head Girl next year - please cross your fingers for her.

We had a great weekend in Wales, all of us went (inc DS - amazingly) with MIL and her partner. It was her birthday Saturday and we treated her to a manicure - something she has never ever had. Saturday night we went out for a meal and I had a delicious lamb shank - it just melted off the bone. Today I went to church with MIL - I feel so comfortable there. It was a baptism today as well as communion and she was a little angel. At the end of the service the congregation all sang Happy Birthday to MIL - they had remembered from me being there two weeks ago - what a lovely group of people.

Finally I have taken some photos of the flowers in our garden which are looking splendid at the moment. I also have an orchid out in the conservatory - it's on it's second year and has sprouted this flower shoot new - I didn't think it would flower again once it finished last year.

Have a great week everyone - happy stitching.

Tuesday 2 June 2009

Stitching news and much more...

Firstly I am the organiser for a Mail Art exchange - I did a few of these some years ago and they are great fun. You actually stitch an envelope and post it (not in a paper envelope but as it is) - details are at JA Mail Art Exchange...

and secondly I have set up a Hardanger Tuition to stitch one of my bookmarks. The stitching day in Wales was very popular and lots of people have asked about learning this style of stitching so this is a chance to learn together with online support - details are at JA Hardanger Tuition.

Miss-Tree has been enhanced with three fabulous ornaments from Karan, they are all stunning, thanks Karan you're a star.

I have finished two more ornaments for Miss-Tree as part of the JA Monthly Christmas Ornie SAL , one is a vase I adapted from a larger chart and the dress is again from a larger chart.

I have been working on my UFO St George but not much this week, and I have been setting up my kits for the JA Christmas 2009 SAL - we're stitching Loupylou designs, Christmas Tidings and Christmas Wishes. This SAL is being organised by Ursh.

Sunday was my mum's 70th and we had a great day - my step brothers and their other halves came - we haven't seen them for ages (one brother for over 7 years). We all (11 of us) went out for a fabulous lunch. I ignored the diet which is why I put on 1.5 pounds this week but we had a fab day:)

After the meal we went back to mum's and surprised her with a birthday cake.

We bought mum a watch and we'd had some family portraits taken which she absolutely loved. We don't look too bad smartened up do we? I guess some of you will be surprised at how Philippa and Michael have changed. The photo's are faded looking because there was reflection on the glass (blame this glorious sunny weather LOL)

We are back in Wales at the weekend for MIL's birthday so we're hoping the weather stays good. I am feeling a little better in myself - I am just concentrating on me, my family and my friends and trying to keep smiling through all the rubbish going on around me. It is easy to get caught up in worries and panics and politics that when looked at properly are not really our problem - I'm trying to just take on board what directly involves me - does that sound selfish or sensible?

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious sunshine - happy stitching.