Wednesday 15 August 2018

August Gifted Gorgeousness

A very quick post as we are on holiday in France but here is the Needlecraft Haven Summer Exchange I sent to Deb.

I loved the design (sorry I don't have the details here) and stitched it over one so if Deb wants to it will fit in a coaster.

I sent a couple of English recipes as Deb lives in America and may not know them. The treats I sent were lip balm, hand cream and some sweets I enjoyed when younger.

Before we left I received a lovely gift in the post from Justine - Lizzie Kate set of 12 months Flip Its - thank you so much Justine

Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted each montb by the lovely Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. Jo puts up a link page on the 15th of each month so we can add a link to our blog posts that have items linked to 'gifts', that can be gifts from or to ourselves. It's great fun reading everyones posts.

Saturday 11 August 2018

Summer Exchange

Although small in members Needlecraft Haven is just that, a haven for us to chat with friends and share our hobby.

We have monthly stitching challenges, a SAL covering the whole year and occasional exchanges.

This year's Summer Exchange was a little different, here's what it was all about:

  • Make a stitched card based on the theme of summer
  • Include a simple summer cooking recipe
  • Include a summer treat
My partner was Deb and although I know she has received her parcel she was on holiday for Opening Day so I'm not going to share the card and goodies I sent her until I know she is home and has opened her parcel.

Can however share the gifts Deb sent to me - a beautiful card, two great recipes and a wonderful ornament that I will be hanging in the garden when the sun shines - thank you Deb  
My Summer Exchange from Deb
Stitched card
Summer gift
We're off to France and of course my priority packing was my stitching, both pieces are gifts so I can't share but once home I'm going to frame my Sampler Bouquet - I can't wait to do that although it's a little daunting.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Drawn Thread - a little change

A few years ago I stitched the beautiful Drawn Thread series Calendar Covers and finished them to stand on an easel on our mantle. This is my August piece.

I decided I no longer liked the easel so when I ordered the frame for my Sampler Bouquet (I'll be framing that when we return from our hols) I ordered a frame for these too.

It took all afternoon to undo the mattress finishes, quite tricky in places but they all came apart and I think look ok.

I am strengthening each with heavy iron on interfacing. I only had enough to do 5 but hopefully my Sew and So order will arrive today so I can finish the others.

Each month I can then change them in the frame - I do this with my Jardin Privè four seasons. My Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Trees are all cut to frame size and backed with the heavy weight interfacing. Here's my Winter Tree in the frame.

The frame I ordered was the same style but without the ornate top as that would make it too high on the mantle. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I think too that now my pieces are under glass they will keep better as being out for a whole month each time they needed wiping over with a damp cloth before storing away, always a worry.

I'll try to remember to add a photo of each month as I change them but here's my August finish.

I have a few gifts to share for Gifted Gorgeousness this month but I may be late posting as we're off to France with friends to visit the Champagne Region.