Thursday 24 February 2011

What a week

It's half term and instead of having a holiday I've been so busy - some good, some not so good.

Firstly DH and I went to Blenheim Palace for the day on Monday. My Dad had won some tickets and as he's too unwell to go we went instead.Once there you can convert your ticket into a yearly pass for no extra charge so we can now visit all year. The weather was horrid so we only did the house (stunning, absolutely stunning) and will go back in the summer to enjoy the gardens which were landscaped by Capability Brown.

On the way home we picked up DH's mum as she was staying with us a few days. No problem but it meant sorting out beds and stuff. Tuesday all the family went out for a meal for DD's birthday. We were 10 altogether with the grandparents - my Dad managed but was noticeably slow. In the morning I took MIL and DD into town while DH waited at home for the carpet fitter (new bathroom is now finished ).

Wednesday was a rush everywhere. Ruby has been loosing weight so I took her to the vets Friday and they sent off some blood samples. The vet was worried that she had Addison's disease so Wednesday I had to take her back so she could have a few tests. She stayed there just over an hour and was really good.

DD also had the docs and has had to have a blood test this morning (I think she's copying Ruby).The vet rang last night to say she hasn't got it and hopefully the weight will be just a low B12 probelm - this means weekly injections for 6 weeks and she's on a high sensitive commercial food to see if that helps (no more cooking dog food I hope) She seems ok in herself so hopefully this will sort her out. We get DD's results next week. MIL went home lunchtime Wednesday.

I have completed Tina's RR - from Needlecraft Haven, I stitched the panel on the right (sorry about the wonky photo). I can now spend sometime on my Prairie Sampler.

 I am thinking of joining the Sampler au Bouquet SAL but only if the designis the right size for my curtain at the caravan.
Sampler au Bouquets
So my half term has been quite a busy one - I'm hoping to have a day at home today doing ...... nothing LOL well blogging, forum visiting and stitching maybe :)

Thanks for popping by - take care x x

Sunday 20 February 2011

Elliot HD, PS SAL and RR update

It was DD's birthday on Thursday - I'm not sure how she got to 17 but it feels odd to have the 'baby' that grown up. Philly had a lovely day although she was at college. Her BF gave her tickets for the Leicester Tiger's rugby game yesterday, and my Dad bought her a Tiger's top. We had pizzas at home and I bought a cake from Sainsbury's. I managed to get a sparkler candle in the shape of a P.

Philly's 17th with her P sparkler
I managed to get Elliot stitched and framed in time - she loved it.

Elliot finished and framed
I have been working on Tina's RR from Needlecraft Haven She has chosen Seasonal Sampling by Hillside Samplings and I'm doing spring. I don't have a wish list really but this is so nice I've added it :)

Here's my progress so far, although the frog did pop by :(

and my final photo is my Prairie Schooler. I've started a SAL on Needlecraft Haven and this is my piece I'm doing - it's for Mum for Mother's Day. It's S for Sewing from the alphabet

Have a great week everyone - happy stitching.

Sunday 13 February 2011

New SAL and Elliot

I'm not really sure how it happened - I asked if my Prairie Schooler project fitted into one of the SALs on Needlecraft Haven and have ended up hosting my first SAL lol

The SAL is open to anyone stitching any design by The Prairie Schooler - and if you're not already a member of Needlecraft Haven just apply and I'll authorise it. On the SAL page you just need to keep your own post to show your progress.

I'm doing 'S' from the alphabet series - it's for Mum on Mother's Day and hopefully I'll then do 'Q' for her birthday in May

and this is my progress from last night
Fabric: 32ct evenweave in Ivory
Thread: DMC stranded cotton
I am busy stitching Elliot for DD's birthday which is on Thursday - not long I know and she keeps sitting downstairs at night so I can't do it LOL I have just about finished the stitching so just have the backstitch to do and then to frame it.

And finally I have finished my square on Chris' RR - Needlecraft Haven 2011 RR. I stitched the strawberries on Chris' RR last year so chose to do the strawberries again - mmmmmm french knots, lovely. I'm pleased with it though, it was a nice design to do (from The World of Cross Stitching magazine)

Wow that's a lot of stitching for me - looks like my mojo has definately returned after a very quiet year last year. Thanks for popping by, happy stitching.

Sunday 6 February 2011

Wine Tasting Weekend

DH and I have just had our Christmas Present - we went to Bosworth Hall for the weekend on a Wine Tasting course.The hotel is only 10 miles from home but it meant we were there by 3.30 on Friday so had a whole evening to enjoy a carvery and plenty of time to watch the rugby (great game England - well done lads).

After a buffet breakfast Saturday we went into one of the magnificiant function rooms - the original part of the Hall dates from the late 1600's. Our bedroom was on the top floor of the orginal Hall and the function room was on the first floor - fantastic architecture everywhere.

The Wine Tasting was superb - 18 wines altogether but this was from 10am til 4pm so we weren't drunk, just heady. The host gave us so much information about how to taste - the difference in climate, countries, altitude. He told us all about storing wine, the containers making a difference to wine and we also had quizes and games through out the day. Lunch was included with wines to match the food, and we did a blind tasting. A brilliant event - we are hoping to do another one, lots of options that I'm mulling over LOL

This is the outside of Bosworth Hall - our room was and attic room at the back of the main Hall, on the right just under the chimneys. The views over the countryside were fabulous.

and this is the staircase we had to go up and down - isn't it amazing - the function room was on the floor the photo was taken from, just to the right along the landing.

I managed to do quite a lot on Elliot - whilst the rugby was on esepcially :) He's coming along really well and I should get it finished in time.

And finally my Cross Stitch class at school have been doing really well - quite a few have completed their letter and put it on a small note book. This is the link to the photo album I have set up for them. They are now all doing individual designs -some from books or magazines but two of the girls are doing my bookmark design.
it's still available to order with profits going to charity
 £2.50 chart £3.50 kit plus postage
Happy Stitching - thanks for sharing my news :)

Thursday 3 February 2011

Elliot and TUSAL

I have been working hard on Elliot - about 1/2 an hour every morning (before DD gets up LOL) This is my progress:

Elliot as @ 3/02/2011
Because it's Feb 3rd it's time for an update on my TUSAL - I have been stitching but not much - but more than last year whoo hoo. Here's my jar;
TUSAL Feb 3rd
That's all my news for now - they'll be a little more next time as DH and I are off for a wine tasting weekend this weekend - it's our Christmas pressie to each other :)

Thanks for popping by, happy stitching