Sunday 15 April 2018

A little progress

I have finally finished March's Challenge on Needlecraft Haven, although I have yet to make it up. The dedign us Christmas Joy by Cuore e Batticuore. It took a little longer than I thought as I changed the design to include two girls. This will be a gift at Christmas for someone I send something to every year; they have two girls.
Stitched but needs finishing
My other progress is on my Bouquet Sampler by Jardin Privè - I haven't worked on it for quite a while as I was busy doing the Easter Exchange, the challenge piece and another birthday bookmark but I did join everyone in The Parlour (Needlecraft Haven) on Wednesday. It is growing and there is not too much more to do..
The bookmark was for Dusty, my friend overseas. It's always a worry posting abroad especially with it being Eastertime but it did arrive in time for her birthday.

Dusty's Bookmark
Today I need to look at my projects and time as I have a few more birthdays coming up, some big ones so I need to find suitable gifts to stitch. We have two holidays as well, almost back to back so I really do need to plan ahead, always exciting.

Huge thank you to everyone who sent the link to their first posts for my blogiversary, I really enjoyed reading them and looking back to how we all began. Thanks too to everyone who posted, it's always nice to receive your comments.

Sunday 1 April 2018

Easter Exchange

Happy Easter, today is also the Opening Day for Needlecraft Haven Easter Exchange. It's an annual exchange that is great fun to take part of each year.

We had to stitch an Easter gift for our partner, include a card and a sweet treat. I was absolutely amazed when I opened my parcel this morning, Justine has stitched a beautiful biscornu, thank you Justine I love it!

My Easter biscornu from Justine
The reverse with such delicate beading and backstitch
Close up of the cute bunnies 
In my parcel Justine included some mini chocolate eggs, two skeins of Week Dye Weeks thread - daffodil and spring bouquet - and a super Easter card.

My Easter Exchange from Justine 
My exchange parcel travel overseas to Mary. I hadn't stitched in relief before and I did find this a little unusual to start with. I used DMC variegated thread and I stitched it over one to make it ornament size.

The ornament for Mary
Mary's Exchange 
I've been baking for Easter - chocolate nests for our not so little kids and a Simnel Cake for Easter Day.

Chocolate Nests
Simnel Cake 
My Easter decorations are out - just for a few days. My Easter tree is a piece of a contorted hazelnut tree that we had in our front garden for over 20 years and was before that in my Grandmother's garden. I saved these branches and use them every Easter, along with her jug.

My Dad's cousin bought me a beautiful bunch of tulips when we took her shopping on Good Friday and my daffodils timed it perfectly to come out today. The ornament on my mantle is my exchange gift from Christine last year and the stitched egg one my tree is also from Christine from an exchange a few years ago.

My Easter Tree
I love the colour of these tulips
My Easter mantle
There are a few chocolate eggs in our house but we've all been quite good ....... so far .......... and only eaten a little.
Happy Easter