Friday 27 September 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

Today is a special Pumpkin Day for Cathey - her blog is Pumpkin Patch & Co
It's her blogoversary - and blog land is celebrating by making it a Pumpkin Day for a special lady, Cathey.
If you want to know more visit Daffycat's blog and read all about it.  

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Just a bit of fun

Philly goes back to Pontypridd today to start her second year at uni - it's now called The University of South Wales and this year she is the University Officer for Sport. She'll be so busy doing her studies, job and volunteer work for RCT Council but she enjoys it.

This year she is sharing a house wit four boys - I have stitched them a door plaque each which I have laminated so they can write messages on for each other hee hee. I used Mr Men designs and did their initial rather than character, although two are phonic ( 'appy for Adam and fun for Philly)

It was a rush but I finished laminating at 12.30 last night - just need to wrap them. I have a dry marker each for them, some blue tak and cleaning wipes - hope they like them

I made a batch of cookies too just to get them going :-) Students love homemade goodies - well anything they haven't cooked really.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Birthday Thank You

I had a lovely birthday and was definitely spoilt. Hubby bought me a Nexus tablet as my iPad was works. This is my first blog post using it so fingers crossed.

I had so many beautiful cards including this stitched one from a friend from school who is just beginning on our amazing hobby. It's beautiful
Hand stitched by Kat 

Thank you to the members of the 2013 Birthday Thread Exchange on Needlecraft Haven. Once the final few threads arrive I will stitch the chosen charts for this year :-) 

Thank you to my stitching friends for my lovely gifts - Julie, Karan, Tina, Barb, Christine and Gill.

My stitchy gifts 
And finally a thank you to Sally for selecting me to be next to have the gorgeous Lizzie Kate chart 'Not All Of Us' I am midway through a secret gift and have a UFO for the NH Strictly UFO stitching, and my Santa Village stitching but this one will be stitched soon. 
Lizzie Kate - Not All Of Us

Well that's my first post using my Nexus, not all smooth running but hopefully readable. 

Thank you for popping by, happy stitching. 

Monday 2 September 2013

June, Orts and a little bit of holiday

We had an amazing time in France - far too much good food, speciality beer and wine. Here's a few photos:
The view from our bedroom window
Nick snapping the harbour
Our favourite bar
On our picnic on the last day
Me and the Chemin de Feu steam train
These are the benches we sat at most evenings with a beer or
bottle of wine (the photo is taken from the other side the estuary -
the benches are the beige squares under the trees)
We really did have an amazing time - especially trying many beers in the Au Vieux Port (not all in one night) I did put photos on facebook and there are some in my online album AimetuClare.

Whilst away I stitched The Drawn Thread - June - but I'm not finishing it until I have stitched July, August and September so I can finish them altogether. I am very behind with these but they will all be ready for next year :) 
The Drawn Thread - June
I have not started another project but have one ready to go (and I might get a bit done after writing this) As always it's a gift so I can't share it just yet BUT it needs to be done quite quickly so you won't have to wait long.

Needlecraft Haven is very busy at the moment - we have just finished the Holiday Exchange but I have to finish mine off so no photos yet. The Autumn Exchange and Spooky Exchange are both open, the September monthly challenge is up and the 31st Orts jar photos are up. Julie hosts the UFO stitching and now that Strictly is back we are Strictly UFO-ing - I have mine ready to go on Saturday.

Here's my Orts jar - I'm very surprised at how full it's getting - but then I have stitched an huge amount this year already.
Orts Jar - August 2013
And finally an apology - I am very out of touch with everyone's blog with being on holiday - I will be blog reading now I'm back but only new posts or it will take forever. I'm sure there will be lots of stitching news.

Thanks for popping by Aimetu's Stitching and reading my latest news.