Tuesday 26 April 2011

Gardening and a HD

We've been working on it for a couple of days and although it doesn't seem like we've done much I'm really pleased with how it's coming along. There wasn't anything wrong before but I was fed up with Ruby digging and walking over the flower beds so they are coming up and being replaced with slate and plants in pots. The red stone that was under the pergola is being mixed with the main gravel and also replaced with slate. It took ages to get this out and clean it as it had lots of conifer clippings in from next doors huge hedge.

My plants are potted, just hope they survive.The beds are empty ready for lining and slate, DH has buried the pond cable and relaid the lower steps from the patio and I have painted all the pergola. We can't do any more until after the confiers our side have been trimmed which will not be until the weekend after the Royal Wedding; then we can clean all through including the patio and lay the liner and slate

I can only do a small bit each day which is why it takes so long - here's a few photos.

All the red gravel was under the pergola
and is now on the main part. I painted all the pergola too
One of the beds cleared by DH
DH's Pixie Clematis
I have been working on Hazel's RR all this week, and have just finished. I don't usually chose filled in cross stitch so it made a change to work on this. It's from Cross Stitch Card Shop and was a series of Winter Animal Cards. I chose the badger as DS was Ianthe Badger when he did 6 months at the Wildlife Trust.
Hazel's RR
 It's back to school tomorrow but only Year 11 are in so it should be quiet. We're off to the caravan for the Royal Wedding weekend - I hope you all enjoy the next weekend's fun what ever you are doing.
Congratulations to William and Kate

Saturday 23 April 2011

St George's Day and Easter

      Happy St George's Day     

It is a little disappointing that we do not celebrate this day, not necessarily with a Bank Holiday but we don't even go the pub like the Irish do for St Patrick :( We welcome and enjoy many cultures in our society and we enjoy many celebrations from many religions/beliefs - so why do we ignore our own :( we can't moan about losing our identity if we do nothing to show we care.  

Happy Easter

Tomorrow is Easter Day - a day to celebrate in many ways for many people.  We are having all the family round for dinner and we'll be exchanges eggs. I have put up our Easter Tree, this is usually at the caravan but this year we are home for Easter and the tree is a very special one. My Grandmother's tree had to be dug up from our front when we had the drive done and although I love the drive it was a little upsetting. We've saved a few cuttings which may grow if Ruby stops chewing them and we also saved one of the branches. Our Easter Tree thisyear is Grandma's Tree and I'm sure will be for any future Easters we have at home.

Easter Tree
I have finished Dusty's RR - I didn't quite finish in Wales as I had no 3774 but it's alldone now and looks lovely. It's for the 2011 Needlecraft Haven RR and we only have one more posting until the Robin's arrive home.
Dusty's RR
And today is Opening Day for the Needlecraft Haven Spring Bookmark Exchange. I won't show you the one I sent as I want to make sure my partner has received and opened it, but here is the gorgeous bookmark stitched for me by Kate - it's Spring by Glory Be.

Spring Bookmark stitched by Kate
Because we're at home this Easter we are doing the back garden. Nothing too major but lots of tidying  up. Today we have been to B & Q and boughts the tools and a few bits we need and then popped to Wickes where we bought a new back gate (not on the original shopping list but hey ho) DH is fitting it now and I'm inside keeping Ruby quiet until it's all secure - good reason to be blogging eh??

Have a great St George's Day and a fabulous Easter - blessings to all xx x 

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Sunny Wales

We've just had a lovely sunny weekend in Wales; we didn't do anything major just relaxed, walked Ruby along the esturary and along the beach. We did have a game of putting - here are a few photos :) 

Philly putting
Looking down towards the sea and Barmouth Bridge
Looking up the estuary
We'd love to live here
The Girls
Just before we went away my lovely scarf arrived from Hazel - she wore one of these at Needlecraft Haven's meet up. I couldn't resist and ordered one which Hazel made very quickly - thanks Hazel it's gorgeous.

My lovely new scarf
I did quite a lot of stitching whilst away but I'll add some photos next post as one thing isn't quite finished. I did Dusty's RR and now am working on Hazel's RR - both from Needlecraft Haven.

Enjoy this glorious sunshine - we are home this Easter and are working on the back garden, so lots of piccies in my next blog.

Easter blesisngs to all x x x

Friday 1 April 2011

One month later

I can't believe it's a month since I updated my blog - I must have been busy LOL so here's what's been going on:

Saturday 19th March was the 1st Meet Up for Needlecraft Haven - it was a fab day, lot sof chatting and stitching. A few games which I think everyone enjoyed, and a pub meal to finish :) Here's a few piccies (thanks Rachael and Chris) 

Julie gave me a gorgeous gift at the Meet Up - one of her bunnies called Mrs Ticklestick - she now helps me keep Needlecraft Haven sorted.

Mrs Tickstick
Last weekend DH and I went to open up the caravan for the season - after sorting out a burst pipe and capturing a runaway Ruby we had quite a good weekend. We had a lovely walk up the estuary on Saturday.

Ruby and I on the estuary walk
Stitching wise I have finished Jaclyn's RR - I did the Cardinal bird. I am posting it off to Dusty tomorrow.

Jaclyn's RR

I have just finished Mum's Prairie Schooler piece in time for Mother's Day tomorrow - I just have to frame it now and it's finished. I have the Q to do next for her birthday in May.

S from Prairie Schooler Alphabet
And finally here is my Tusal jar - it's certainly filling up this year
Tusal Jar April 2011
I will try not to leave it another month before blogging again - thanks for catching up with all my news :)