Sunday 30 January 2011

January Monthly Challenge

Today was reveal day for the Needlecraft Haven Monthly Challenge -  Des Filles et une Aiguille ... by Tralata

This is my cat - I made it into a coaster :)

Fabric - 32ct evenweave Ivory
Thread - DMC 115 varigated
Christine has already put the February Challenge up - guess I better get stitching LOL

I had a great day today - I spent the morning making cards - one for the Sweet Feet Exchange on NH and 10 for the 2011 Birthday Thread Exchange, again on NH, I really enjoyed sitting making them whilst watching the tennis - maybe next time Andy. I can't share the photos just yet.

I am working on an Elliot design for DD's birthday - it's a lovely heart but her birthday is on 17th Feb so I have to get going. She has been really poorly this last week - she's had this awful flu and has been knocked off her feet for five days now. She is getting better but it's taking a long time.

WIP on Elliot - 30st Jan 2011
My new forum Needlecraft Haven is 1 month old tomorrow and I have designed a little chart as a thank you to all the lovely members. If you haven't popped by yet just apply for membership and I'll authorise it - you'll be able to browse around then and see all the fabulous things we're doing.

Thanks for popping by, happy stitching.

Sunday 23 January 2011

RR border completed, new bathroom and Ruby !

I have finally finished my RR border - it's for a Round Robin I'm in with Tina, Julie and Hazel on Needlecraft Haven. I used Lizzie Kate designs and have re-plotted them. The finished RR will be a cushion for my little C1 - so it has to be pink of course :) You can see the design on my post Jan 4, and this is my border (I just have my 'a' to do, I'm waiting for postie as I ran out of thread)

Fabric - 32ct evenweave in white
Thread - DMC 335 & 309
I haven't started stitching as with only four people it would mean the last person has no choice - I'll do the last piece when it arrives home.

Needlecraft Haven is growing strong -I cannot believe there are over 70 members in just three weeks and over 45 of them are regular visitors. There is so much going on - 2 RRs, 5 SALs, 2 monthly activites and a MEET UP in March. There is also a new exchange just launched - it's allvery exciting and certainly keeps me on my toes LOL

The last two weeks at home have been busy as we've had the bathroom upstairs replaced. It was the original one and we've been here 25 years this summer. It's just perfect :)

The only problem was when DH did the painting yesterday and today.

I was only trying to help Dad - honest
That's about all my news - my health is slowing improving (not helped by a slip on the ice at school on Thursday - but no damage). I even managed to walk Ruby yesterday; first time since mid November.

Thanks for popping by, happy stitching.

Friday 14 January 2011

Prize, Forum and Mr. Darcy

I decided to give away the Sue Hillis Christmas Calories chart as the prize for the Christmas Quiz on Stitch and Stash. I stitched one of the cup cakes as a small ornament to go with it - Jaclyn was the lucky winner - and now the prize has arrived I can share the photo.
Sue Hillis Christmas Calories
I have done lots of stitching this week, mainly because Ruby is in the kennels so we''ve had quiet evenings. We're having the bathroom done and Ruby would not have coped very well with all the noise - she's home Sunday and although the bathroom isn't finished it's the quieter jobs now. I've really missed her, even though I know within an hour of her being back I'll be run ragged.

I can't share my stitching because of lot of it is for gifts or can't be shown until a reveal day.

The forum I started New Year's Eve is growing strong. Needlecraft Haven has 65 members and three of them have been talking so much they have already become Lilac Haveners - it is certainly becoming a lively place with many SALs and the first Robin flying already.

Wednesday DH and I went to see The King's Speech - a fabulous film for which Colin Firth deserves an oscar (as does histwo co-stars). Even at the cinema we applauded when it ended - so so good. I love colin Firth ( we share the same birthday ) and seeinghim againreminded me of Mr Darcy and a pub I went to last summer.

DH and I stopped at a pub for lunch before picking Philippa up from her netball camp. I popped to the loo but had a huge surprise. It was just one cubicle. You need to understand the layout so I've drawn it here - toilet door open - toilet on the left.

I went in the loo, looking towards the toilet and closed the door with my left hand so I did not see what was behind me. I was amazed to see the walls painted like a river scene. These are pictures facing the loo.

It's it amazing - such detail - I was very surprised and spent a while looking closely at the art work - it was soooooooooooooo good. Anyway I eventually sat down (I won't go into details LOL) and when I looked up I could now see the wall that had been behind the door (hidden from me as I entered) - and there in front of me was Mr Darcy !!

No joke - Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) staring so intently at me - and I'm on the loo !!!!!!! I have to say I could only look at his feet LOL I did feel uncomfortable with Mr Darcy watching me, but the painting was so good, here's a closer view.

I can't remember the exact name of the pub but I think it was The Red Lion near Pangbourne Near Reading in Berkshire. It really was a treat and now I've worked out how to get the photos off my phone I can share him with you - enjoy

Thanks for stopping by, happy stitching (oh and look behind you when you go the loo LOL)

Sunday 9 January 2011

Lots of news - and a winner

I didn't know if I had anything to blog about but then today went crazy LOL

Firstly I went to The Fabric Guild in Leicester with Mum, it's mainly for quilters but they do have a few bits for other crafts. They buy up stock from closing shops and sell it on at VERY good prices. This is what I got today:

Craft items including a pompom maker
All my fabric, mainly fat quarters for
backing ornaments
Card making stuff

And I bought these crochet hooks and
small booklet - maybe I'll do it one day LOL

All of this and a liitle more came to under £30 and I got this as a freebie :)

And I had this freebie too
I have had a wonderful discovery - I know you'll laugh because I'm thinking it's something you all know about. I discovered Bondaweb for making ornaments - I usually use fabric glue or double sided tape but it's not always successful. I now know Mum uses Bondaweb for her applique work (I wondered how she did it)

Anyway I have stitched two of the Drawn Thread free Santas that Rachel (the student who followed me) stitched. I did it missing a square as she did and they look fab - I have just used my Bondaweb to attach them to felt and they look lovely - I am so pleased and feel so thick that I didn't know about it before .

My Bondaweb Santas
Last March I did a competition to guess how many non-stitching days I'd have. I didn't do much stitching at all (far more than the guesses) and I didn't really keep an accurate count. So I have put all the names on bits of paper and drawn a winner. The winner is Elaine - congratulations. I have emailed you for your postal address so I can send you this prize.

Elaine's Prize
Ruby has gone the kennels for a week as we're having the bathroom done and the noise in the day would drive her cerazy. It's very quiet without her - not nice - but I'm sure I'll get so much more done in the evenings. I will have a bit more time to work on Needlecraft Haven which is growing strong with 61 members already.

I have posted my RR to Dusty - there's only four if us in the 2011 Round Robin now and I decided to do coasters for the caravan. I'm looking forward to working on the other pieces. I also posted off a little something to Jaclyn who won the Christmas Quiz on NH - well done Jaclyn.

Thanks for reading my blog, happy stitching.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

TUSAL - Jan 4

It's the first photo for Daffycat's TUSAL - my jar is a bonbon jar my MIL bought me in a charity shop in Wales - I love it. I used it last year but didn't do much stitching so it was only half full. This is my 2011 start - please don't laugh - ok go on then it is funny.

and just so you can see what I'm hoping it will look like; these are the orts from last year.

Completed jar 2010
I have chosen my RR piece for the Needlecraft Haven; I need a set of coasters for the caravan so I've plotted it out as one and will cut them out when the Robin comes home. I'm hoping it will still go ahead but Lynn is poorly in hospital and has had to pull out. Get well soon Lynn.

My RR fabric and working copies of the charts
 - all from The World of Cross Stitching
I have been overwhlemed by the number of friends joining Needlecraft Haven; I decided to take the big step of owning my own board. The biggest worry was whether anyone would visit and more importantly decide to stay. It's easy to tell people about a new venture; it's harder to make it exciting and new.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this venture - I'm hoping it will be a 'haven' for a very long time.

Today was my first day back at work since being ill - I am very tired but it was good to get back to school. It was teacher training day so a good way to start - tomorrow the kids are back.

Dh and I have booked a gite in the Loire Valley for our summer hols. It will be the first year without the children although DD and her BF are travelling down with us and staying for a few days before travelling onto spend the rest of the holidays with BF's family who are staying in a caravan on the Atlantic Coast. They are travelling back with us so we'll meet up again.

Stitching wise I have quite a bit ot do - tonight I'm hoping to work on the monthly challenge piece. It's a cat design - reveal day is Sunday 30th Jan so I can show you then. I also have a few secret things to do and the JTHC 2011 RR to stitch the borders on - hopefully 2011 has more hours than 2010 as I have lots to do - hee hee
My JTHC 2011 RR - I put together some Lizzie Kate designs usind my pc chart program
- I managed to copy and paste individual letters to make our names in LK style.

That's all my news for now - thanks for popping by :)

Sunday 2 January 2011

Change for 2011

I have taken a huge step as 2010 ended and 2011 began - I have started my own fourm. It's called Needlecraft Haven and you're very welcome to pop by :) The initals are the same as my DH's and is you split the words into three it's both of us (Nick, Clare, Hearnden) - what a softy I am LOL

I have been so surprised andoverwhelmed at the speed inwhich my fellow stitchers have joined - the forum is already buzzing with chat, stitching and I've just set the games up too :) There have also been some old friends popping by and joining - a real boost to 2011 :)

I have not been stitching because of all the pc work but I've had a bit of a problem too. I'm in an RR with Dusty, Lynn, Jaclyn and Chris and first posting starts Friday. I was still puzzling over what to do but this morning I woken with the answer:) I like to use the RRs to make useful things - the last two have been tabecloths and the other RR I'm in is to make a cushion. I have decided to make coasters for the caravan :) I have some very stiff aida which will travel well - I'll mark it out asone large RR and cut up when it gets home - I feel so much better now and ready to stitch the first one and do the marking out, phew!

I have joined Daffycat's TUSAL but I'm not sure how many orts there will be by the first photo - it's only 2 days away LOL

Wishing you all the best in 2011 - happy stitching :)