Wednesday 12 June 2013

Blooming June

The sun has been shining for the start of June – we had some beautiful days in Wales. Last week the evenings were lovely but today we’re back to grey June, come back sunshine please!

I have been stitching but as always just lately it’s more gifts – I have nearly finished the stitching so hopefully next week I’ll be able to have a ‘finishing’ time. I have already put together some of the framed gifts, some coasters, some books and some key rings – I think I have shared a few on here but I will have a ‘Gallery Blog’ soon with all the items.

I must get my camera out and take some proper photos too; due to being so busy I have been using my phone to take the photos. It’s good but sometimes the focus is out (there are a few like that on this blog, sorry). I am actually looking forward to taking photos or all the gifts using my camera as I do enjoy photography; something else I will soon have time for.

Anyway here is my Orts jar (a blurry one as my phone focused on the background – aarrrhhh). I should have added this to NeedlecraftHaven last week but as we all know times runs away. There isn’t really a definite colour this time, although I can see groups of colours where I have worked on a particular project.
Blury Orts Jar for May
My Drawn Thread for June will be very late, as will my July but by the summer I should be all caught up ready for next year. I haven’t changed my mantle either as it seemed a little pointless without the stitched piece. Next year I am going to spend a little longer on planning each mantle and if needs be go shopping !!

I have been gardening at Dad’s – I’ve now painted all the raised beds and half of the fence – it makes such a difference. The plumber is fitting the kitchen this week and then the electrician can finish off. Once they have both done we can start the actual decorating. It still looks like a big job but I think once it’s emptied of workman stuff it will look much better.
Dad's Garden
My Mum gave me two fuchsia and two tomato plants to grow on – I managed to find a Ruby proof place for them – for now at least.
I know those plants are here somewhere!
I am always one for a bargain and just lately the Co-op seem to have their flowers reduced quite often. I bought some roses and lilies the other week for just £2.50 and they lasted 10 days J I have also grabbed this love miniature rose for £2.50 (it came with a pot but I prefer this one that was my Grandmother’s via my Dad’s) and DH spotted theses lilies at M&S for just £4 including the pot.
Roses in Grandma's pot
M&S Lilies
That’s all my news for now – I am enjoying reading everyone’s blogs as we move slowly into summer, there’s some lovely work being done and so many great ideas.

Thank you for calling by to read my news and leaving a comment, it’s always nice to read them x x

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Good start to June

We were at the caravan for the start of June and what beautiful weather we had too. We did some good walks with Ruby but I did manage a little stitching as well.

I finished this coaster - I've stitched it many times but I love this saying and the colours are so delicate.

and I finished a few more key rings - I had to buy a bigger size as Sew and So have stopped selling the square ones. I stitched over one and am really pleased with the finishes.

Friday 31st May was my Mum's birthday and we had a trip out to Hatton Country World - a great place and we were lucky enough to see the peacock in full glory - I've written about our trip to Wales in my lifestyle blog Aimetu's

Hatton Country World's magestic peacock
I will be very very late with this month's Drawn Thread calendar piece as I must get the other gifts finished and I have the Needlecraft Haven Bookmark Exchange to stitch by the end of June. In fact it may be I do June and July's after I finish work as I have so many meals, school show, theatre trips and other things going on.

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious sun we have at the moment - thanks for calling by :-)