Wednesday 29 August 2012

Stitching News

It's only been two days but I'm blogging again :) I blame the horrid wet rainy day we have today.

I have been stitching, I just don't seem to have time to blog it. Before we went to France (pictures in Monday's blog) I stitched Dusty's RR. Her theme was Christmas ornaments and we all stitched a square which Dusty is making up now the Robin is home. I was the last to stitch on this and there were two squares left so I stitched them both.

We are so pleased for Philippa - she worked very hard on her A levels and had some brilliant results.She is off to Glamorgan University soon (after her 9 days at the Paralympics). I have a book that I stick recipes in from magazines in or I write down recipes passed on. I have made Philippa  recipe book for Uni - the first entry is basic cupcake mixture hee hee. She is a very good cook and was delighted with her new book.

Thanks for popping by (again) :)

Monday 27 August 2012

Photos galore

We are back from our second holiday to France - I've definitely been spoilt this year.We decided to go to the Champagne region but stayed in travel hotels as we planned to spend most of the time out and about.

Instead of the Eurotunnel we took the ferry and what a sail.The weather was beautiful and we sat on deck the whole way, watching the white cliffs disappear and Calais beach arrive.
Calais beach as we arrived on the ferry
We love staying overnight in the B&B Hotel Cocquelles and having a Flunch meal in Auchan - so we did ! I had paella and you could have as much as you wanted, lovely :)

Sunday we had a 250 mile drive to Epernay in the Champagne region, we did stop on the way for a coffee at Laon but didn't stay out the car for long as the temperature was 38.5C so hot.
View from Laon Notre Dame across
the land we'd just travelled
We travelled a way further and stopped for a picnic at the roads side - we used to smile at 'old folk' doing that, now we do it LOL
Picnic in the vines
Epernay was shrouded in a heat haze but it was lovely to arrive and find our travel hotel Premiere Classe.
We had a lovely 4 nights/days - we visited three champagne houses, ate at some wonderful restaurants, travelled through some beautiful countryside, learnt a lot about champagne and grape vines, saw a windmill, went up a lighthouse and rode on a petit train.

The highlight for me was visiting our favourite champagne house Nicolas Feuillatte. We were the only people on the tour ( August is the vine growers holiday so everywhere was open but very quiet).The tour was the best of the three we went on, our guide was lovely. We bought quite a few gifts in the shop and she gave me a book about the company as a gift. I had looked at it but it was 30 euro so didn't buy it.

Here's a few pictures about all our visits.

Castellane Champagne caves
Mercier barrel taken to Paris by 24 oxen
in 1900 - it took 8 days
Mercier Champagne
Outside Moet & Chandon - we didn't visit
their caves as it's not a favourite fizz
Nicolas Feuillatte - our favourite - big bottle please
Resting in the Garden of Vines
Nick in his Nicolas Feuillatte cap
- one of our purchases
Mumm windmill - they do all their corporate
entertaining here - my invite is on it's way :)
Lighthouse in the middle of the vines

At the top of the Lighthouse -
Reims is in the background
Reims Petit Train - I do love these
Reims Notre Dame
We had a fantastic time - and stayed another night in Calais with Flunch having mussels on their eat as much as you like offer - perfect ending :)

We do love France and will be visiting next summer, probably Etaples again, and I'm sure a weekend before then. I hope you enjoyed our photos - it's an area I would recommend and it doesn't have to cost a fortune, unlike some of the bottles a of fizz!!

Monday 6 August 2012

A little bit of stitching

I have popped over to Julie's a few times for a coffee and chat (we never have time to stitch LOL) and she has lots of beautiful willow pattern in her kitchen, so for her birthday I stitched this:

Julie's tea towel
I took it to France and spent many a happy hour stitching away.

We went to the caravan this weekend and spent most of the time watching the amazing Olympics - we even ate in so we could watch Jessica and Mo. I therefore also got loads of stitching done which was perfect as I was a little behind with the Needlecraft Haven Round Robin. I have now finished my section on Lynn's birds.

Lynn's Round Robin
It is 'The Pecking Order' by Marolein Bastin. We've all stitched a section and now it goes to Dusty for the final piece.

Lynn's so far
I am having a blitz at Dad's in the garden before the summer nights end and I'm back at school. Today my Mum and stepdad came and helped me empty the greenhouse. I took lots of Dad's old plant pots and plant name tags to the local nursery as I didn't think it right to throw them away. They were very gratefuland said they would pass them on to charities or give to schools :) I have ordered a skip for Wednesday so can get much more cleared then.

Thanks for visiting - we're off to France for a week again soon, Champagne region, somy next blog may be a bit boozey.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Gifts & France

DH and I had a lovely 10 days in France - both DS and DD stayed at home so our first real time alone. We only went 30 minutes south of Calais because we always drive through this area and wanted to see more - and we'll be back again, it was fabulous. To be honest who needs to drive to the south anyway hee hee.

Here's a few of our many photos:
Our little blue house that was massive inside.
The view to the harbour

The harbour

Me at the Market
DH looking across to Dover

Holiday Romance
Les Miserables finale

We were staying at Etaples-sur-mer and our house looked right across to the harbour. The market was fabulous, and we found a couple of lovely bars, one on the harbourside. We took a boat trip one day to the end of the estuary and back; visited a few other local seaside villages; went to La Coupole which is a World War V2 bomber site; and saw an evening performance of Les Miserables (not the musical but retelling the novel performed by villagers) in Montreuil-sur-Mer where the novel is set.

A really lovely time - thanks to my lovely DH.

Stitching wise I have been making gifts - I made two of these coasters for my friends Karan (UK) and Cathy (US)
Coasters for Karan and Cathy

One of my colleagues is getting married this month but as we're not going to the wedding I gave her their gift on the last day of term. She opened it and then spent all day carrying it around as she loved it so much. I had been asking occasional questions to find out about colours and she was amazed at how exact they were. She has decided to put it on show on the top table at the wedding which made me cry - Annabel and Allan have a fabulous day x x x

Annabel and Allan's wedding gift
My last gift is for me - from my Mum. She has been making flowers at her latest craft course and made one for me. it's perfect for my Cath Kidston bag, thanks Mum.

Flower from Mum
I have stitched another gift but it's for Julie and she won't get it until I pop over on Friday so ssshhhhh until then.

Thank you for popping by - I do hope no-one gets those silly messages again and that you can all enjoy my blogging, much love x x x