Friday 27 August 2010

More good news :)

Michael has got the job at Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve, he will be working there for 6 months helping to promote them on social networks and will be working on a long term project.

We have to sort out transport now and he is looking at the Wheels to Work scheme from the Job Centre which involves getting a small motor bike. It's great news :)

Philly has a telephone interview onTuesday for apart time job in Debenhams so fingers crossed for her.

And I signed the papers today for my new car which will be available next Friday for me to collect - whoo hoo a brand new Citroen C1 Splash in white - I can't wait.

All finished off with my birthday party next Saturday and my birthday a few days later.

Life is good - thanks be to God

Thursday 26 August 2010

Philly's results

Just a quick blogging to say how proud we are of Philly :) She had her GCSE results on Tuesday and she achieved an amazing 7 A*, 5A and 3B - she also passed her AS English a year early getting a grade B.

We are so proud of her - she did work really hard and revised any spare minute.

and today Michael had a job interview which went really well so fingers crossed x x

Saturday 14 August 2010

At last it is a stitching post LOL

I have changed my plan for the church Christmas tree. This is because I have not done anything yet and time is running out :)

So as I said before my new plan is a 'Cross Stitch Tree' with lots of hand stitched crosses. I have made a start using plastic canvas and some tapestry wool I had in my stash. 

I only did half stitch as the wool is quite thick and the edges is simply overlapped. I have added a row of beads to give some definition - I think all the beads will be silver and then I will put clear white lights on the tree and silver tinsel.

For each cross I have matched as closely as I can from my stash the ribbon for hanging - I'm really pleased with them and they don't actually take long to do.

These are the materials I am using: plastic canvas,tapestry wool and ribbon (which I've attached with double sided tape)

These need finishing with beads and ribbon.

These are my first two completed crosses.

I am going to back then with felt and when I've used all my canvas and wool I'm going to have a go using some 14ct aida and edging it in tent stitch so hopefully it will look simillar to these.

Non-stitching news: this photo was taken about 14 years ago when Michael was 5 and Philippa 3. They entered the school fancy dress as 'The Owl and The Pussy Cat' and won first prize. Michael and I spend ages cutting the tissue feathers the make his mask and wings - I think the outfit is still in the attic. We were looking through old photos at Dad's (it's a photo of a photo so a little blurry)

Don't they look cute :)

Happy stitching, thanks for popping by x x

Friday 13 August 2010

Not stitching but fab news

I've just bought a brand new car |:)

I've bought a Citroen C1 Splash in white - it shouldcome end of August or early September - hopefully intimefor my birthday.

And another surprise - when I got home there was a letter from the Premium Bonds, I've won £25 :)

I'm really enjoying this Friday 13th x x x

Thursday 12 August 2010

Surprise phone call

I've just had a lovely phone call from one of the 'tea ladies' at St Cadfan's Church. The Flower Festival was a huge success and the tea/coffee and cake stall raised £820 in total over the four days.

The ladies work so hard with all their baking, as well as serving/washing up on the actual days.

Brilliant work everyone :)

Monday 9 August 2010

Holiday update

We've had a great time in Wales, a bit of time just me and DH and a few days with Philly and her boyfriend. I managed to get quite a few things done, mainly because I have had to sit still a bit as my back has been giving me a lot of trouble. I did go the docs before the holiday and he gave me some anti-inflamatories and some strong painkillers.  Unfortunately the tablets really upset my insides and I felt like my body fromthe waist down was trying to get to Australia lol. Anyway I stopped the tablets and things are improving, still have back ache though :(

So the things I got done were:

firstly catching up with my post - I sent letters and gifts to friends I had neglected a while, both home and abroad :)

secondly I made a huge amount of cards for the church

and thirdly I started making the church crosses - none quite finished so photos will have to follow.

I spent a lot of time at St Cadfan's this time, helping with the teas and coffees as it was the Flower Festival - the church looked gorgeous.

I made cakes too for the tea/coffee stall (they were actually bargain packet mixes from Sainsburys but they turned out great)

We had some fun on the beach and on a few trips out, especially to Llanfair PG which has the longest place name in the world.

I'm not sure what's happening the rest of the hols - I have many things plans, jobs at home, friendsto see, places to visit but I'll have to see how my back goes before making any real plans. The re-painting of the garden fences is definately a no go but I might get some of the other garden jobs done.

Have a great summer, thanks for reading my blog, hope you liked the photos x x