Thursday 25 November 2010

Rural England, Christmas Stitching and Health

Nick and I enjoyed another weekend away in Rockingham. We like the Best Western Hotel there and just love the surrounding countryside. We were very lucky this time; DH has a loyalty card so we had a free upgrade :)

On Saturday it was very foggy; we drove around looking at some historical places although they weren't open due to it being winter season.

Eleanor Cross
This cross is one of 12, it's at Geddington. They were built as a memorial to Edward I's wife and there is one in every place her body rested overnight on it's way back to London. This is the full story - Eleanor Crosses

Triangular Lodge
You can't see too well from this photo but this lodge was built in the shape of a triangle. It's owned by English Heritage.

Market Harborough Grammar School

Typical English Ford

These two pictures show just how English and quaint the area is. I feel so at home in the area and just love all the villages. Rutland is truely a beautiful place.

I have been stitching on a piece for Christmas - it's coming along really well, hopefully it will be finished soon. The stitch club at school are also doing well and hopefully soon I'll have some photos of their finished work.

Christmas Stitching
On a down note I am suffering with my MS - I am not walking very well, have pain in my left arm and feel very tired. I have contatced the MS nurse so we'll see what she suggests. I've taken today off school to have some rest - at least I can blog, chat and stitch :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends x x

Sunday 14 November 2010

Round Robin update

I have completed the wording on one side of my Round Robin and nearly completed the other :) I'm ready then to start adding the hardanger, although I'm not sure yet as to the design (I need to count the spaces out).
One side of the lettering is done
I have nearly finished this side too
I can then start planning out my next Round Robin which is a private one (although we're showing our progress on Stitch and Stash) between myself, Julie, Hazel and Tina. I have all my charts now so just need to find some fabric and start plotting :) I like to use the RRs to make things I need - in previous years I have used RRs and exchanges to have the centres for all my cushions at the caravan :) and the last two RRs I did have been tablecloths. This new RR will be another useful item - but I'm not saying what just yet ;) 

I'll take some close ups when we go next year - but these are my caravan cushions

I have been doing some reading this month - I've finally finished reading Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris - it was ok but not my favourite of hers. I have also read All Balls and Glitter by Craig Revel Horwood - such a laugh and a real eye opener into how he got where he is - quite a risk taker at times too.

My next read is The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse - I liked her other books so I'm hoping this will be as good.

DH and I have been listening to Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier on audio book when we go on our long journeys. It's lasted a trip to the caravan and back, and the two trips to Stoke for the car. It's lovely travelling along with the story  to my iPod touch so we'll be able to listen to more audio books on our journeys. Burming Bright was a good story and very well read - lots of voice change for the characters which adds to the story.

Dad is doing really well - he's home and has a carer calling 4 times a day.It was a bit hectic getting him home and the first night. The hospital stuff was ridiculous ending up with me fetching dad, no care assessment but carer turned up at 7 after I'd done tea. That was last call but too early for him to go to bed, so we said we'd go back at 9.30 and help him to bed. We did and found him on the floor, tumbled using his frame and been there hour and a half.

999 again, it took four of us to get the frame from under him and get him off the floor. Paramedics checked him over and we helped him to bed. Since then he's been ok, I've had to pop up a few mornings and evenings because until today he's been slotted in on the care rota -after today he'll have a set plan - phew.#

In himself he's really perky and insisted that last night Nick and I gofor a meal out as a thank you. Everyday he isdoing a little more for himself - the biggest thing is his strength and walking around.

We're off to MIL's for dinner today and I'm hoping to get some of my stitching done or I might take my knitting - I need to keep my left arm moving as it's stiffening up a little so the knitting would be best if it's not too painful to do.

God bless on Remembrance Day -
prayers to everyone who has given their life,
prayers for all those who have been injured in conflict,
prayers for all their families and
prayers for us all to find peace.