Monday 14 November 2016

Needlecraft Haven Autumn Get Together

Last Saturday was the autumn Get Together for members of Needlecraft Haven which is a small, friendly forum I host for crafters to chat about, and share photos of, their work. It's not all cross stitch we have sections for knitting, beading, quilting, cooking and reading.

At each Get Together we have a goody bag exchange which is themed, the theme this time was 'Favourite Film'.

My favourite film is The Holiday starring Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslett. I thoroughly enjoyed hunting for items to go in my bag - this is what I included:

  • Black Jacks - Jack Black
  • Iris bulbs - Kate Winslett's character
  • Cottage chart (online freebie) - the film is set in an English country cottage
  • Fabric and threads - including DMC 321 for Christmas
  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows - Jude Law and Cameron Diaz have a touching moment over hot chocolate with his children
  • Winter Wonderland candle - a song in the film 
  • The Holiday - dvd to watch 

My Goody Bag contents 
All wrapped up in Christmas paper with a clue on each parcel
To chose which bag everyone wins is done with a 'cake raffle'. I make cup cakes based on the theme and put a raffle ticket under each cake - the corresponding ticket goes under a bag. Which ever cake you select you have the matching bag (unless it's the one you brought in which case we do a little bit of swapping around). I was very pleased with my film themed cup cakes.

Film reel and popcorn cup cakes
Goody Bags waiting to be chosen
Once everyone has a bag we take it in turns to open the goodies, trying to guess the film. There was such a variety this time:
Greyfriar's Bobby
The Holiday
100 and 1 Dalmations
Moulin Rouge
Thoroughly Modern Millie
West Side Story

Julie picked my bag, she hasn't seen the film so I'm very pleased I put a copy in for her to watch, maybe with a hot chocolate too. 

I picked Angi's bag which was full of lovely items; buttons, ribbons, beads, chocolate, a book, notebook and pen, handkerchief, fabric and threads, lollipops, butterfly charts and paperclips. We all tried to guess but no-one did - Angi's favourite film was Thoroughly Modern Millie !! Thank you Angi for a great bag of goodies. 

Thoroughly Modern Millie
At the Get Togethers we also have a book exchange - everyone brings a book, it can be new, charity shop, a pass on, any book from anywhere. We put a little card or note inside to say why we chose to bring the book and then wrap it up in paper so no-one can see the title or knows who the book is from. Using raffle tickets (no cake this time) we each get a wrapped book, again there is often a little swapping so we don't end up with the one we brought. My book was from Lindsay which made us all laugh as I have had Lindsay's book at nearly all the past meet ups - and I have to say they have all been very good. 
Book Exchange 
My book from Lindsay
Needlecraft Haven is a Yuku based forum and does have adverts unless we pay a small fee. At each meet up we have a small raffle and the money raised goes towards keeping the adverts away. members who live too far away to come to our Get Togethers often make direct contributions too. There were some lovely items on the raffle table this time including one of Julie's handmade bunnies and Lindsay's beadwork. 
A great selection of raffle prizes
My raffle prize
To save everyone bringing a packed lunch I made up a buffet - it's nice to all stop at the same time and share a lunch, and it works out cheaper than everyone buying sandwiches.

Buffet lunch including homemade Potato Pie and Ginger Cake
The work on the showing table was amazing - Julie has been trying new crafts at her Craft Club, she's painted a beautiful waterfall scene and made some lovely fabric bowls. Lindsay's beadwork is stunning, so intricate. Maggie's scarf was gorgeous. Lynn brought along some of her large finished projects and Angi, Gill and Justine has a variety of smalls - all beautiful. I hope I've labelled the pictures correctly.

Julie's,  Justine's and Gill's 
I was very spoilt on Saturday too as I received two lovely and very thoughtful gifts. Justine gave me three lovely candles from Lou-Bee-Lous, all winter fragrances - cinnamon and apple, winter berries and winter carnival - thank you Justine. Gill's gift was tiny but meant a huge amount - she's made a very delicate angel - perfect Gill, thank you.

Beautiful candles from Justine
Perfect angel from Gill
Thank you to the Needlecraft Haven members that came on Saturday, by train, by car, from near and far. It is always a lovely day with lots of laughing and a little stitching. Our next meet up will be in the spring - I have already had an idea for the next theme hee hee.

If you'd like to join Needlecraft Haven please follow this link - you'll need a Yuku account and then apply for membership - it's all free and great fun !!