Tuesday 19 November 2019

A quick update

I'm disappointed to have missed Gifted Gorgeousness this month, first one I have not done this year but life is just too confusing just now.

Jo, I'm sure everyone had lovely gifts to share, I'll pop by and read up when I can.

I only have my Temperature Quilt to show,  it's definitely getting colder.

Temperature Quilt - day
Temperature Quilt - night

As I mentioned life for us has changed however DH and I managed a few days to ourselves, one of which was in London to meet the Chief Winemaker at Cellier des Dauphins. You can read about our superb evening in my latest blog post on my wine, food and travel blog.

Sadly Nick's Mum's partner passed away last week. They had been together 22 years sharing a lovely life in their village bungalow. It's a very sad time for us all. 

Thursday 7 November 2019

Needlecraft Haven Halloween Exchange

Needlecraft Haven is such a lovely forum, we are small in number with some days only one or two posts but we have been friends online for many years. 

I had great fun hosting this year's Halloween Exchange. Everyone who signed up had to stitch an ornament for their partner and include a trick and a treat in their exchange parcel.

I received a super ornament from Justine, I love owls and this 'Hoot' is beautiful.

My beautiful ornament from Justine
My trick from Justine was a large bag of 'Sweet Heat' Skittles. Each of the five flavours had a kick of spice haha, I'm not a chilli liker so I gave the bag to our son as he was meeting his friends for their final Dungeon and Dragon game. This was a campaign they had been playing for over a year. The report back was all the sweets were nice but some were very hot, they had great fun trying them.

My trick from Justine
My treat was a real treat, Justine sent me a beautiful grey scarf with small metallic owls all over it. It's perfect with my new winter coat. There was also some lovely owl fabric which has happily been added to my stash.

Thank you Justine for my super Halloween Exchange parcel.

My super Halloween Exchange from Justine 
My partner was Astrid who live in the US, because we were going away I had to send my parcel early so Astrid had temptation for quite a while. I stitched this pumpkin design from Just Cross Stitch Halloween magazine and finished it with orange zigzag and backing of orange fabric with black witches on.

The pumpkin ornament I made for Astrid
Zigzag edging
I forgot to take a photo of the gifts before I had wrapped them; in the treat parcel I put some 'fizzy fang' sweets and mini Smarties characters.

I had great fun with the trick .... or tricks. In the UK we don't have Halloween cards so I sent Astrid a Christmas card which she thought was the only trick.....

..... I'm more devious than that. I bought a re-useable shopping bag with a  Trick or Treat design. No trick there I hear you think, and Astrid did not find it without a clue ..... I had stitched it closed !!

My third trick was a wound skein of 666 floss, the trick being as Astrid unwound it I had cut it into lengths hee hee

The Halloween Parcel I sent to Astrid
I had great fun putting this parcel together, it's always fun to do this Exchange.


I may not be blogging for a while, or I may be blogging and reading lots. Life has thrown us into a bit of a dark time. My husband's mum's partner (they are not married but have been together 22 years) was taken into a Hospice yesterday after being in hospital for three weeks, as he has terminal cancer. Just six weeks ago he was a fully fit 86 year old. As they live in a remote bungalow and my MIL does not drive she is living with us for a while, she is 83.

Life is quite tough, the hospital he was in is a 30 mile round trip, so many many long journeys. He moved to the Hospice yesterday which is still a long journey away. I'm struggling with the current situation as it brings back sad memories of nursing my Dad who passed away seven and a half years ago and the hospice is where my first step-dad passed away when I was just 17. My MIL has had her whole life upturned as she will need to move home as their home is not suitable for her on her own. 

So I may disappear or I maybe here to keep busy, who knows what the future holds!