Monday 30 April 2012

Dad - thank you

Thank you so much for all the kind wishes, cards, emails and text messages - they have certainly helped me in what feels like a very deep hole. Here's all the cards we've had; Dad would be amazed at how many, and they keep arriving, thank you.

 Angie sent a beautiful flower card - I'd not seen one before, such a lovely idea.

and today I've had a beautiful bouquet from school.

I am really missing Dad and have been overwhelmed by everyone's kindness, thank you. Many of you didn't meet him so here's a couple of photos. I have put together a small album of photos to take to the wake and have had some postcards printed with 'Ron Mellor 1926 - 2012' on which I'm going to ask people to write happy/silly memories of Dad - we have quite a few ourselves. These will go in the album with the photos making a special memories book.

I love this photo
Dad with Michael and Philly (2007)
I have been very lost and confused but have still been stitching - it is such a great comfort. I have been working on Tina's piece for the Needlecraft Haven Round Robin - she has chosen Margaret Sherry's Calendar Cats. This piece was part of the 2011 RR and when it went round last time I stitched February.This time I'm stitching August; there's a story behind why but I'll share that when it's finished. It is certainly a design to concentrate on.

And finally here is my orts jar for April - it is filling up nicely.

Once again thank you all so much - God bless

Sunday 22 April 2012

Stitching finishes

Sadly this post starts with some very sad news - my Dad passed away on 18th April. I can't post any more just now but I will.

My step-dad is also in hospital which is a worry for my Mum. Hopefully he will be home later this week.

I have finished all of Dusty's angels for the Needlecraft Haven Mini RR as they were lovely to stitch.

Dusty's angels

I'll post it off to her tomorrow along with Jaclyn's RR from Needlecraft Haven - I am a little slow finishing it and because Dusty lives across the pond it will be late - sorry Dusty. Jaclyn used the birds from her RR in 2011 as there are 12 so enough left for us to stitch another one for this year's RR.

Jaclyn's RR
I finished the third baby gift - Piglet this time for a gorgeous little girl called Sophie. I had the pleasure of cuddling her to sleep at the party for my friend who was 60.

Piglet for Sophie
And finally here are my two pieces for the Christmas Tree for April - Grandma and Grandad - the collection is growing nicely.

Thanks for popping by - I'll post again soon.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Stitching, stitching and snow

Needlecraft Haven hosted a superb Spring Exchange - so many fabulous gifts - thank you to everyone who took part - don't forget to sign up for the Summer Exchange. If you're not a member of Needlecraft Haven just apply for membership - it's a fabulous forum full of friendly crafters.

We went to the caravan for a few days this week - DH and I needed a break and DD needed a rest. She's had a difficult few weeks with parting from her BF of over 2 years, not really eating or sleeping, lots of work for college and her volunteering work. She had lotsof rest, lots of food and lots of relaxing time. It is a magical place.
It was very cold though; the snow didn't quite reach us but was on the mountains. Here's a few photos - I took loads hee hee.
Cader Idris covered in snow
DH at Taly-llyn
The photo he was taking
My gorgeous girls
Because of the cold and us all needing a rest we stayed inside the caravan much of the time - good food, good wine :) Because of this I did loads of stitching and reading in just four days.
Baby gift number 3 - nearly finished
Dusty's Mini RR
Another tree ornament
For my Tree
I read another Victoria Connelly on my Kindle whilst away - Unmasking Elena Monella. I love her books - mainly because of her trio based on Mr Darcy and Jane Austin. This one was set in Italy and was an absorbing read, perfect for the snowy weather.

Have a great Easter, this is an Easter Card from me to you x x x x

Sunday 1 April 2012

Party weekend and a huge HD

The school break for Easter is finally here - it's been a hard half term with my Year 11s. A party weekend for us which has started the holidays of in perfect style.
Lst night Nick, Philippa and I went to our friend's 60th birthday party. He was the Head of English at my school; in fact he interviewed me LOL. Anyway Colin retired 3 years ago but we've stayed in touch and the four of us go out often, including weekends away to the Tesco Wine Fair. Colin and Kay are superb friends. During his tine at school he had a poem published in a collection of school poetry from around Warwickshire; for his birthday I stitched the poem for him and used a chart fromNordic Needle for the bottle. I am so pleased with the finish and he loved it.

Colin's 60th Gift.
Colin and me at the party
Today we've been out with my Mum and step-dad as it was his 75th birthday earlier in the week. Philly, Michael and Amii came too, and his son and wife travelled up from Bristol. It was a lovely meal rounded off by a cake I made for him.

Keith's cake
Talking of birthdays I forgot to share one of the gifts we gave to Philippa for her 18th. We did the same for Michael too when he turned 18. It's very difficult getting photos to fit but DH and I had great fun doing it, and Philly loves it.
Philly 0 - 18
Oh a sad note Philly has split from her boyfriend of over 2 years. She was very upset the first few days but it was her decision and the last two weeks we have had our happy Philly back - one of life's difficult times.
Yesterday was jar photo day for my collection of orts - they are mainly beige/gold this time because of doing the poem. And I'm late with putting my photo on Needlecraft Haven - oops.

TUSAL 31st March
Finally yesterday was Opening Day for the Spring Exchange on Needlecraft Haven. I recieved a beautiful gift from Kate. She stitched The Drawn Thread Spring Keeper - it is gorgeous, thanks Kate.

My gift from Kate
This is the gift I stitched for Mary who lives in France. The box is a No.7 gift box which I loved but it had No.7 stamped on the lid right in the centre, so I stitched Spring from Oakhaven Designs and used a matress finish to attach it to the box. I put a couple of packets of seeds inside but Mary has decided to use it for her buttons which I think is a fab idea.
Mary's box
Side view
Well that's about all my news - thanks for reading/sharing. We're away to Wales for a few days so I'll have to read all you nnext weekend. Have a great week x x x