Friday 30 January 2015

As January draws to a close

Amazingly tomorrow is the last day of January, a whole month of 2015 has passed already. It's been a busy month one way and another.

The month started off with us hosting a New Year Drinks Party at home - a great night with a house full of friends. We've been to friends for dinner and had friends at ours. A good friend of mine has had quite a serious operation but is very well, I've been visiting most days which has been great sitting chatting and drinking coffee. I've had coffee dates with a few other friends too and some lovely meals out with Hubby. We've had a full day in London visiting The France Show, sat quietly watching the birds in the garden for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and booked our June holiday. Phew it certainly was a busy month - you can read about our trip to London on my other blog Aimetu's.
Our day in London
I have been stitching too and started a new rotation for 2015 - it's gone really well all of January. I have joined Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness and Mel's Stitch From Stash 2015 but although I have been stitching I have not yet been able to share very much. However February will be a month of reveals as the two exchanges I've done have Open Days then and I will be able to reveal a gift I've stitched.

I have been keeping up with my UFO and Parlour stitching on Needlecraft Haven. My Drawn Thread October is looking good and Santa's Stocking Store now has a wall and a few windows.

Drawn Thread October
Santa's Stocking Store
My February stitching will be focusing on finishing my two projects above, finishing the January Monthly Challenge, finishing my Joy ornament for my church tree and if I have any spare time (hee hee) I'd like to get some finishing done as I have a few pieces stitched but not finished.

I hope January has been good for you too, even if it has gone by so quickly. Thank you for calling by :)

Thursday 22 January 2015

Stitch from Stash January 2015

I really enjoyed taking part in Stitch from Stash 2014 and was so pleased when Mel said she was running it in 2015 - thanks Mel (and team). I did really well in 2014 as most of my spend was on exchange items - here is my year overall.

And so 2015 begins : there are a few changes this year, mainly it's split into two six months and as January starts the first of those here's my first Stitch from Stash 2015 report:

Month: January
Spent: ZERO
Earned: £16 
My budget carried forward to February is: £41

I will be using English pounds £ as my currency throughout the year. I am hoping to use much of my stash again including finishing fabrics and trimmings although this year they are not included in the budget. Each log I will count anything up to that day, if it's stitched but is a gift or exchange I will count it but full details and pictures will be in my following SFS15 report.

My stitching from January 1st to January 22nd was:

Baked Goods - Lizzie Kate - those of you following my blog or Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness will have already seen it - it's here if you missed it. The chart was a gift from Barb; I used 28ct ecru fabric and DMC threads both from my stash. To fill the ornament I used my 2014 orts so stuffing was free and the backing fabric and cord were also from my stash - a completely free finish. I earned £4 on this finish.

I have finished another Lizzie Kate design which is a gift so I am unable to share this month. I earned £8 on this finish and will share all the details as soon as I can but all fabric and thread was from my stash and I bought the chart in 2014.

I have also finished the bookmark required for the Needlecraft Haven Autumn Meet Up Exchange. Again I am unable to share any details other than the chart was free online and again fabric and threads were in my stash, as was the backing fabric - another completely free finish. I'll be able to share this next month as the exchange date is February 4th. I earned £4 on this finish.

I don't have any other finishes this month but plenty of starts. I have another gift, the NH monthly challenge and Valentine's Exchange for Needlecraft Haven which are all pieces I cannot share just yet but I have been working on my Santa's Village tablecloth.

Santa's Sleighworks completed
Santa's Stocking Store started
I have not included my Santa Tablecloth in my SFS15 budget as they are not really completed as I have not yet stitched the white areas. I have nearly completed a few houses in a row and will then do the white for those and tack protective cloth over the top whilst I finish the rest of the tablecloth. It's going to be a long long project.

I have also been working on my Drawn Thread October piece. This is my weekend work on my rotation plan as it then fits with UFO stitching on Needlecraft Haven with Julie and Mr Stick. Weekend's are my slowest stitching time but I am getting bits done slowly.

Drawn Thread - October
I do not belong to the TUSAL but I do collect my orts and as I mentioned earlier I use them to fill an ornament at the start of the following year. Here's my 2015 collection so far.

Orts - 22nd January 2015
I've visited many new blogs recently thanks to Jo's Gifted Gorgeousness and Mel's Stitch from Stash. A big 'hello' to anyone new reading Aimetu's Stitching - thank you for calling by.

Friday 16 January 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness in January

Jo has organised Gifted Gorgeousness SAL for 2015 - it's a great idea where on the 15th of every month we post about items we've stitched that are gifts, given or received. Thank you Jo, your blog activities are always such fun.

It's quite a short time for this month's check in but I have been busy on a couple of items that are Gifted Gorgeousness.

Unfortunately my main piece is a gift to be given at the end of February - it's stitched and is ready for framing. All I'll say is it's  Lizzie Kate design that I've added a bit too and you can see it at Needlecraft Haven as the recipient isn't a member.

My other item to share is my LHN Baked Goods ornament. Each Christmastime I stitch an ornament and fill it with the year's orts. It was a chart sent to me by Barb as a gift the previous Christmas.

I am working on more Gifted Gorgeousness items so I should have a bit more next month :-)

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Plenty of progress

A week into 2015 and my rotation is going really well. I've stitched on all my pieces and will have another finish in a day or two but as it's a gift you will have to have a peek later. I have been able to share it on Needlecraft Haven as the recipient is not a member hee hee

I can however share this gift I made earlier in January for my stitching friend Gill's birthday. It's a simple but effective beaded scissor fob and I hope to do more beading this year as well as my stitching.
Beaded scissor fob
My weekend stitching is UFO time with Julie and Mr Stick (our Needlecraft Haven task masters who help us all finish those left behind project) I'm working on Drawn Thread October and did not have a lot of time this weekend as it's also gift stitching time. However my October house now has a roof and there is a black cat residing.

The Drawn Thread - October
Last Wednesday I was in the Parlour with Miss Barb and the other ladies working on LHN, CCN or Sampler Girl designs. There is some lovely work being done, I am using the Parlour to do my tablecloth as it's going to be a long job and the Parlour ladies certainly make it a cosy friendly evening's stitching.
Santa's Sleighworks - CCN
My tree at church next Christmas will be on the theme of Joy to the World. I did include a photo of my main ornament in my last post and I have now started my first ornament. It's from Just Cross Stitch - a page from a magazine I had saved in my stash.

Joy ornament
I have also started the Monthly Christmas Challenge that Christine chooses every month - this month's a actually a New Year ornament, it's lovely.

Later this week is the blog posting time for Gifted Gorgeousness, I will post on the 15th but there will not be much to say as like I said earlier because items are gifts they are not sharable when working on them hee hee

Have a lovely week, thank you for calling by Aimetu's Stitching - I do have another blog about my travels and other things if you'd like an extra read - Aimetu's our latest trip was to Portsmouth. 

Friday 2 January 2015

A New Year, a new rotation and a first finish !!

Happy New Year everyone - I hope 2015 has started well for you and continues to be a happy & healthy one.

I have reassessed my stitching and my goals for 2015, there are a few special things to be done, exchanges and SALs, never mind things I see and fancy doing for me. The later part of 2014 saw my rotation plans slide away; I have set up a new rotation for 2015 - here's hoping I can do better this year.

Saturday and Sunday - gifts if time is short or UFO which is not my Drawn Thread October, November and December

Monday - finishing day or stitching as the weekend

Tuesday - ornament for church tree

Wednesday - Santa's village in the Parlour with Miss Barb

Thursday - monthly challenge or ornament for church

Friday - whatever is urgent or takes my fancy 

I'll be stitching with Julie and Mr Stick at Needlecraft Haven to do my UFO. My church theme for next year is 'Joy to the World', last Christmas Mary gave me the Lizzie Kate chart - the ornament I stitched will be be top of my tree and I'll be doing lots of other ornaments one the 'Joy' theme. The ornament is actually filled with my 2013 orts, but more about orts later.

Christine is doing the Monthly Christmas Ornament again on Needlecraft Haven so my Thursday night will be keeping up with this SAL. There is a lot happening on NH - it's such a lovely forum to host as everyone is so friendly. I'm organising a Four Season's SAL this year (instead of the exchanges we did the last two years)

Back to orts for a moment - I collect my orts firstly in my little pot in my stitch box but then in my beautiful bonbon jar. At the end of the year I stitch and ornament and fill it with the orts, as I said Joy to the World was stuffed with my 2013 orts. This year I have stitched LHN Baked Goods and used my 2014 orts - so I now have another ornament for our tree and an empty bonbon jar ready to be filled with 2015 orts.

Baked goods is also the start of my Stitch from Stash 2015 - the chart was a gift last year from Barb the fabric and threads from my stash, and the backing fabric and cord is also from my stash. All told a great start and because the chart was a gift I think I can also include it in Gifted Gorgeousness.

So a great start for my stitching year - and I have picked up one of my old hobbies but I can't share yet as it's a gift. Just my reading to catch up with.

Wishing you and your families a very happy & healthy 2015