Wednesday 1 November 2017

Winter Wonderland and a 'hug'

I have stitched together my ornaments for my Winter Wonderland tree at Ansley Church Tree Festival. I would have liked a few more but these will have to do as I have other bits that need stitching.

I have twelve completed ornaments - all on blue backgrounds with blue fabric backing and blue ribbon. I'm going to use pale blue or white tinsel and will hopefully be able to find some white snowflakes ornaments too. I will have twelve baubles too, just finishing off the last four.

I still need to find something to put on the top of my tree - I have a silver star but it would look better with a snowflake, I'm sure I will find one.

I've had some lovely ornaments sent for my tree too - thank you. The latest one to arrive was from Gill, it's beautiful, just right for my tree.

Ornament for my Winter Wonderland Tree
We have many exchanges and SALs at Needlecraft Haven - mostly stitching and just now many of us are finding life is getting in the way so I organised an 'Autumn Hug' exchange that involved no stitching.

Our Autumn Hugs were made up of:
          • stitch, make or buy a card
          • include a few skeins of thread
          • include a pamper treat
          • include a munching treat
Yesterday was Opening Day and I received a lovely parcel from Gill, full of hugs that were perfect for me. Gill sent a pair of fluffy socks, foot soak crystals, foot lotion, glittery nail varnish,  Lindt chocolates, Watercolours thread, a beautiful heart ornament and a beautiful homemade card
 - thank you Gill.

My Autumn Hug from Gill
 I sent a Hug to Mary which included speciality threads, Twirl, Maltesers Teasers, Wine Gums, Foot Mask and body lotion - it was great fun putting together a parcel of treats.

My Hug for Mary
I best get on and finish my baubles now as we are putting the trees up at the end of November.
Happy All Saints Day to you all