Topsy Turvy SAL


The 20th of every month is Topsy Turvy progress time. There is no sign up, no obligation to start or even complete every month, just dip in and out as you wish. There are no rules on finishing, whether the item was a gift, or the size, it is a SAL to change things around a little bit. 

You can post on your blog, join the Facebook Group Topsy Turvy SAL or stitching along at Needlecraft Haven.

Every month is a different theme based on time, seasons and celebrations but a while before the actual event. It is set it out this way so there is time to finish but it isn't long to wait to display the items which will hopefully mean they are not lost in a 'safe place'!

Topsy Turvy plan: 

September - a design to celebrate New Year

October - any design for Valentine's 

November and December - springtime designs

January - Easter stitching 

February and March - summer designs

April - a little treat for myself, any small design I fancy

May and June - autumnal designs

July - a design for Halloween

August - Christmas stitching 

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