Sunday, 13 April 2008

Back from Wales

No pictures this week - I'm sorry but I haven't done as much on the 3D house as I wanted so there is no point in showing that. The other stitching I have been doing is for the April Month Challenge with Jayne's Attic and I can't show that until reveal day.

I have knitted another hat - this time in black and white varigated wool. I knitted half a hat going to Wales and the other half coming home. I can only knit on the motorway as the Welsh roads are too twisty.

We've had a good weekend, quite and lazy but it's a great way to relax. Pub lunch on Saturday followed by an afternoon of tv sport (with stitching of course). Philippa has been really busy doing some designing and scrapbooking for her textiles course.

Hopefully next week I will have a little more to share - I did kit up and send my freebie exchange and I have kitted up the exchange gift for the meet up on April 26th so for once I am a little more organised.

Have a great week

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of the 3D house. I wonder if you are stitching the same one that I have in my rota?


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