Friday, 2 May 2008

Friday 2nd May 2008

Bank Holiday Weekend starts here, and I'm pleased to say I am feeling quite a lot better, still a way to go but I have been to school for two days. I did think I had better go back being as it was pay day - hee hee.

I have made myself a little lavendar bag to hang in my office. I haven't made it very strong smelling as my room is enclosed and I don't want to be over powered.

The lavender is from Wales. The local church, St. Cadfan's, hold coffee mornings on Mondays to co-incide with the market and I bought some fresh lavender from there last year. It had dried lovely and I'm hoping they sell some more this year.

We are off to our Welsh caravan tomorrow so hopefully next week I'll have some more stitching to show, unless we spend all weekend in the pub.


  1. Hi Clare was delighted when I came across your blog. I've often wondered where all the girls from aion are now.
    Sorry to hear you have been poorly. Your little lavender piece looks lovely.


  2. Very cute little sachet bag. You're room will be so tranquil now with the scent of lavender to relax you. Hope you're feeling better soon and have fun at your caravan. (Being at the Pub might be just what you need. LOL!)

  3. Lovely little lavendar pillow :)
    Have a great weekend away!!

  4. Clare that is gorgeous, it wil make your office smell lovely.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Hugs xxxxx

  5. very pretty, hope you have a lovely week in your caravan.

  6. Darling lavender sachet! Great work!


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