Thursday, 30 October 2008

Stash, stash and more stash.

I have had two orders this week from Sew and So - I did one then signed up for some exchanges and realised I needed to go shopping (again) LOL

Here is the stash I can show:

Rose Anchor Pearl Cotton No. 8
Rose Anchor Stranded Cotton
4010 DMC Color Variation Thread
4160 DMC Colour Variation Thread
4220 DMC Color Variation Thread
S553 DMC Satin Thread
4010 DMC Perle No.5
4220 DMC Perle No. 5
28ct Jubilee Antique White
28ct Jubilee White
Stefan's Christmas Stocking Chartpack
509 DMC Perlé Cotton No.5

Because DS has now turned 18 I am stitching him the stocking and Santa will leave it this year with just a few goodies - his final gift from Santa :(

The other items are for some small projects I am working on that I can hopefully share soon.

Postie also brought my JA Autumn Exchange and JA Haloween parcels. We are off to the caravan today (once the new washing machine has arrived) so I will be taking them with me to open. A quick thanks to my partners - I will send a personal thanks once I know who you are.

AND Postie brought another ornament for the church. This was from Karan and is a gorgeous reindeeer. Thanks Karan - he's in the box with the others - all ready and waiting.

I'm taking quite a bit to the caravan to do but who knows how much will get done. I will share the exchanges goodies when I get back - see you all in November.


  1. Nice work Karan, another lovely one for the tree.
    Hope you had better weather at the caravan than we did LOL

  2. What a lovely idea to stitch for your church's christmas tree.

    I'd love to do one for you, if you need one send me your address.

    I have emailed you about your meeting up next year as I live in Coventry so really near,so I 'd like to come.
    Hope your caravan is some where warm! Although away with the family is great what ever the weather!


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