Saturday, 25 July 2009

Stitching news and more

I have lots to catch up on but first the important stuff - my stitching.

I have completed the JA Christmas 2009 SAL pieces - I'm doing both Christmas Tidings and Christmas Wishes (both designed by Loupylou). These are my pieces so far.

I have been very lapse with the JA UFO Night stitching but it has not been possible for quite a few weeks, however I did get loads stitched last weekend. Here is my progress so far on St George (Millennia Designs), I have no idea why it's on its side LOL.

My other stitching has been a MAJOR repair job thanks to Ruby. She ripped our sofa the first day I went to work, bit of confusion by DS as to which doors to leave open and which must always be closed. We all know now LOL. I had to stitch the repair by hand because she has chewed away some of the inner foam and if I had taken the cover off to mend I think it would have completly fallen apart. I'm quite pleased with the finish, it doesn't look too bad.

I have also had to mend Philippa's beloved Floppy (her teddy since she was born) as Ruby also got hold of her. She has been fully mended and now lives inside the wardrobe safe and sound.

On Wednesday I went on an overlocking course. Mum bought Philippa and me an overlocker for Christmas and enrolled me on beginners course. These are all my samples I did on the day including a neckline, a gather and a rolled edge.

Talking of Ruby, she is settling in but she can be a handful. We have to keep all rooms closed apart from where we are. She is learning not to do naughty stuff and we're learning not to leave stuff about. It was a little difficult initially, especially at the caravan last weekend but by Sunday she was very settled and enjoying herself. I guess being taken to yet another home in such a short time was a big thing for her. She is very good when out but can bark at people, especially if they put their hand out to her. She is barky at new people, we guess that's a scare thing from her previous owners. Overall she has improved a huge amount in just three weeks, hopefully this means I will get a bit more stitching/blogging time. She does enjoy lying on the top patio step in the sun, when it's out of course.
End of school year was good but emotional. We had so many people retiring or moving on that there were meals out all week. I put two pounds on at SW which isn't too bad considering how much I was off track. The head of English has retired; I will really miss him. I had only worked with him for 18 months but he was so kind, supportive and helpful, I hope we will remain friends (if his retirment plans give him any spare time LOL).

I managed to get this beautiful photo of a butterfly in our garden the other day. Quite a feat as I had to balance on the pond and use full zoom without shaking (something I do inside constantly with the MS). It's beautiful, I just love the colours.

Finally I have given the first donations to my two charities - MS Society and St Cadfan's Church. I have donated £35 to each and this money has been raised through my charity blog Aimetu's Stitchery. I received a lovely letter of thanks today from the church, you can read it on my charity blog and is you haven't seen my designs they are also there on the previous post.

I'm sorry I have not been reading anyone's blogs lately, hopfully I will be able to catch up this week.


  1. Super stitchy pics, glad you made the same mistake as me, makes me feel not such a nit wit!

    Well done on the mending, you did a fab job.

    Butterfly is gorgeous, not seen one like that before, all we get is the boring cabbage white.

    Enjoy the summer hols!

  2. Great repair job on the sofa...cheeky Ruby, it's like having another kiddie eh!

    Lovely work on your Christmas WIPs.

    Great to catch up on all your news...have a fab Sunday.

  3. Congratulations on finishing the Looplou SALs, they're gorgeous.
    Your butterfly picture is lovely, I'm not sure, but I think he might be a Comma

  4. Oh Dear Clare..Ruby sounds like our Nell who likes to chew but she is learning too and so are my step daughters who leave their bedroom doors open and that is a haven for Nell as the floor is their storage space!! We no longer have our little rugs in the kitchen as the chewed ends are dangerous so we will wait till she is over the chewy stage and then buy new. We are off to Essex tomorrow as the tenants have moved out of our house there, so hopefully that will not mean too much disruption for Nell.. the garden is huge there so that will suit her and I can't wait to go back to my home!
    Happy Stitching hopefully you'll have some time when Ruby is taking in the sun!LOL
    Chris x

  5. Oh my, you poor thing, repairing a sofa cushion is not a lot of fun, but you did do a terrific job. I hope she's out of that phase. The dog we have now came to us as a puppy...she chewed up one of every single pair of shoes I owned at the time...I was ready to throw her back and said as much, and just about the next day she quit totally chewing up things. They know....they know! And you got a great shot of the butterfly, those are difficult. --- Oh, the stitching is pretty too, he he he he he.

  6. The Christmas WIP's both look beautiful (still haven't started mine!). St George is growing nicely. Great repair jobs - hope it's the first & last such problem. Sounds like you're doing well with Ruby though. Great news about the donations - well done. :0)


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