Sunday, 28 February 2010

A finish, an exchange and a Meet Up

Lots to share today :)

Firstly - I have finished my part of Tina's RR from Stitch and Stash. She is doing the Calendar Cats and I chose to do February. I have not done the back stitch on the flowers because I cannot find the details for the thread colour. I do think they are cute. It's next stop is Dusty in USA.

I'm not sure what I'm going to stitch next, I have plenty to choose from LOL. I might try to get my Travelling Stitcher finished.

As a member of Stitch and Stash I have launched an April Fool Exchange - it's a non-stitchy exchange and of course has a surprise. This exchange is open to everyone and I've set up it's own blog April Fool Exchange . Please pass the work around, thanks.

April 24th is Meet Up day here in Nuneaton. It's 10am  - 4pm, and afterwards we're going for a pub meal. Again I have set a blogup - all details are here Nuneaton 2404 Everyone is welcome the more the merrier.

In half term I visited Julie and had a lovely afternoon. I am disappointed that now we have decorated lots of my small stitchy can no longer go on the walls .Julie has lots of her work displayed in stand up frames and I have decided to do the same and cover the conservatory windowsill. This idea did cause a problem as my wall ones had no stands on the back. After many emails to my favourite framers (Frame Express) I finally understood which measurements they needed - good job I don't teach maths- and 7 new backs will be ready today at the huge cost of £5.00 yes total price lol. They are in Coventry so no postage but they are cheap with that too. If you need a frame they are fab and their online programme helps you get the sizes and colours right with the mounts too.

These are my International Bears - countries where we have friends or family; they include: Norway, Canada, USA, France and United Kingdom. The charts were freebies from Vermillion Stitchery but quite a few years ago.

And this shows themaltogether. Theone infront is my sewing picture.It was sent to me as a birthday present many years ago as a kit - it had cost my USA friend just $1 including the gold charm.

That's about all my update although I do feel I've forgottensomething LOL. Thanks for reading,   hope you join in the echange and/or come along to the Meet Up.


  1. Aww! Those kitties and bears are cute!!

    I sent off that pattern. Let me know when it arrives (if it hasn't yet).


  2. Nice idea to arrange those stitched pictures on the windowsills, they look great.

  3. Tina's RR looks brilliant!

    What a lovely way of displaying your sttiched pieces.

  4. Your stitched pictures are gorgeous.

  5. That cat is a cutie Clare and I love how you have arranged those bears.
    I so wish I was nearer as I would love to come to the meet-up. You do a wonderful job arranging this.
    I'm sure it will be another great meet.

  6. The calendar kittys are super, i wonder which one Dusty will choose to do?

    Stitching looks fab on the windowsill.

  7. The calendar cat is lovely.
    And a great idea about the framing,they'll look great altogether on a window sill.

  8. Lovely display of work Clare. What are you working on at the moment, I mean for you (I say that with a smile because you are always doing things for others!)

  9. Hi Clare!
    I love your blog and enjoy your pictures very much. My favorite one is a cross-stiching frog (3 january 2010). I would like to try to do it! It looks like a very interesting project. Can you do me a favor, please, and help me find its chart so that I could buy it? I'd appreciate it a lot! I don't have my own blog. My e-mail address is:

  10. I love the idea of having stitching in stand up frames. Thanks for the site details, have bookmarked it. Love the piece you've stitched for Tina's RR - so cute. :0)


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