Monday, 6 September 2010

New car, new job and a party !!

Wow what a lot has happened in a few days - but firstly I can finally say I feel well, although I have not been eating properly and have put on a lot of weight (hopefully I can get back on track soon)

So my news - I have my new car, a lovely white Citroen C1 Splash. This is me just leaving the sales garage :)

It is lovely to drive and it is so nice not to have to walk to school or ask others for a lift :)

On Wednesday Nick took me to Birmingham for a day out and we went to Selfridges and bought a new coffee maker - a Nespresso. Oh it's lovely, the coffee is so much nice than instant or the old coffee maker we had. I need to buy some more pods; I'll get some in London in October but I think I'll be buying online before then lol.

We went to Cafe Rouge for lunch because I had a voucher for free champagne. I joined their online club and we had to spend £30 on food but the champagne was free and should have been £30 - amazing offer :)

Then Friday Michael (who is the one with a new job - after a year on the dole :) ) passed his cbt motorbike test and now has a moped hired from the Job Centre to get him to work. He is working at Brandon Marsh Conservation Centre and is their marketing and media person for a six month placement.

And I picked up my new car - so it was a busy day :)

Saturday was my birthday party (but not my birthday lol) I had a fabulous time, our music teacher and her band played the first hour and then a disco. I said no pressie but to bring a plate of food for the buffet - and what a fabulous buffet we had, so much variety. My Slimming World lady also makes cupcakes and birthday cakes (doesn't quite fit does it lol) She made me lots of cupcakes instead of a large birthday cake, they were delicious. I was very brave and wore leggings, a tunic top and very high heels lol, not bad for 45 (well in a few days)

and my friend from school made this cake for me - isn't she clever, amazing detail.

So my birthday is later this week, and although I said no I do have some pressies to open. And on Saturday our bridesmaid is getting married next Saturday so I am really looking forward to that and then the following weekend DH and I are away for a quiet weekend.

On the stitching front I made some hostess badges for the tea ladies at St Cadfan's Church - and I used the idea to do another one using the design from the GOS #8 Challenge although it's only tacked together so far.

These are the church ones 
and my Gos #8

and finally today Ireceived my Stitch and Stash exchange gift from Edda - Iorganised an online shop exchange where we had to use an online shop and purchase £5 worth of goodies to be sent directly to our partner. Edda sent me Polstitches Designs heart Pyramid Ornament kit and a skein of Rajmahal Art Silk shade 111 - thanks Edda it's a lovely kit and one I'll be doing as soon as I have time.

Well that's about all from me  - hopefully I will have Dusty's RR finished soon, thanks for popping by :)


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy. Your cakes look lovely. Happy Birthday.

  2. Sounds like things are going great for you Clare,lovely cakes and food for your party and your car is very nice.

  3. Glad you had such a nice party, those cakes look delicious.
    Enjoy your new car

  4. Glad you had a great party Clare. I love your cakes!

    Enjoy your new car.

  5. The table looks laden with lovely goodies. Gorgeous looking cake from your friend, i dont think i would have been able to resist one of those lovely cupcakes.

    Congrats on the new wheels to both you and Michael, i hope his first days have gone well at the new job and school is going ok for you too.

    Have a lovely birthday on Friday xx


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