Monday, 18 October 2010

Lots of news

It's been over a month since I blogged - the only reason is lack of time. I can blog today because unfortunately I am off work; I've had a very bad cold which has affected my MS so now I need a couple of days to let my body recover.

Home news: my dad is in hospital after a fall on his mobile scooter, he's been in a week and is improving but seems so tired. He has always looked good for his age (84 in Dec) but this fall has definitely aged him. I'm off to the hospital to see him again this afternoon.

Philippa has settled well into Sixth Form college, and has survived the two weeks her boyfriend Kieran was away in America. She has changed from netball to volleyball and now plays for Nuneaton Ladies.She is now Gold Ambassador for the Sports Academy and is one of the leaders on a netball course for younger girls over half term.

Michael is enjoying his new job - he is working hard at promoting the Nature Reserve. Ianthe Badger is the facebook account - please have a look and become a friend.If you are based in the Midlands it is a great place to visit and enjoy a day outside; wellies and binoculars recommended. They do have some events on over half term, just click on the facebook events tag.

Stitching News

I had a great day on Saturday at the Stitch and Stash meet up (I did just sit and stitch though). Julie, Rachel, Tina (and her three friends), Angie, Vikki (and her daughter India), Jackie, Kathy (who organised a fab day), Lynn, Jacqui, Tracey and Hazel all travelled to Nuneaton for the day. We had a great time sharing ideas, wips and finishes. We also spent some time planning Round Robins and ideas for updating the forum; pop along and see, it's growing :) One thing I've added is a gallery to show off work we've done over the week - a great way to see things growing.

The rest of my news is in picture form - enjoy :)

Dusty's Round Robin - I was the lucky stitcher to complete this, I stitched the birdhouse above the writing.

This is my Round Robin - it will be a table cloth when it's finished. I am currently working on the summer basket.

Julie taught me how to crochet - this was my first attempt (it's a new design as I did it wrong but it looks ok)

My second attempt and this time it's right :)

Dusty sent over these gorgeous crosses for my Cross Stitch tree at church's Christmas Tree Festival.

Mum made all these too, mainly card but two tatting ones and a knitted cross.

and I've done a new centre on this one; it was an accident as there is no centre hole so I did a double line but I'm very impressed with it and will be doing the others the same way.

This is a Ruby Wedding sampler for my Godmother, I think I'll make it into an ornament with white lace and red ribbon.

Thank you for reading my blog - I'll try to keep the news flowing a bit more often :)


  1. It's good to see you blogging again Clare - so hard to find the time isn't it!
    Hope your Dad is on the mend, sounds as if the rest of the family are doing well.
    Dusty's RR looks great as does yours. Well done on the crochet, it's addictive you Looks like you will have loads of lovely crosses for your tree.

  2. It was a lovely day on saturday I really enjoyed it, and it was lovely seeing you again.
    Lots of lovely stitching and they are lovely to see in RL

  3. Hope you are soon feeling better, this cold seems to have been a nasty one. Well done on the crochet, like the one that went wrong too

  4. Hope your Dads feeling better Clare and is back at home soon.
    Lovely stitches and sounds like a wonderful Stitch and Stash meet-up.

  5. Nice to see you at the meet up. Great to see you posting. Off to the stitch n stash bb. x

  6. Hope dad is soon home and feeling much better.

    Dustys RR is gorgeous, i remember seeing it when Tina had done her part in April, it does look wonderful completed

    Well done on the crochet, you'll be doing more of that than stitching soon same as me LOL

  7. The meet up sounds like a lot of fun. Your tree is going to look wonderful with all the crosses you've been collecting.
    Hope your dad is home soon

  8. Get well soon. Hope your Dads is back at home soon. Lovely stitches and sounds like a wonderful Stitch and Stash meet-up.

  9. Welcome back Clare. I do hope your Dad is on the mend now. My Dad had a fall last December and that really took its toll on him so know what you are going through.

    Lovely photos. Everything looks so lovely. Glad you had a great time at the meet up.

  10. Hi Clare

    Sorry you have a horrible cold too, get well soon. I felt awful on the saturday hence I couldn't come to the meet up but by sunday evening I was a lot better.. still got a hacking cough but taking stuff so heaps better. And sorry about your Dad, what a fright he must have had, hope he is well over it now. I would have loved to have seen the RR for real I loved taking part and have put my name down on S&S for next year... got to look for something that would be suitable now!
    Take care and happy stitching..
    Chris x

  11. Enjoyed catching up with all your news Clare. Big well done's to DD & DS. Sounds like you had a great time for your birthday too - love the new car. Lovely RR's & crosses... looks like the tree is going to look fab again this year. :0) Hope your Dad improves & that you've had a great time in London. :0)

  12. Hope you are feeling better Clare and also hope dad is doing well. Your tree is going to be gorgeous !!! I love those cupcakes for Halloween.


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