Sunday, 20 February 2011

Elliot HD, PS SAL and RR update

It was DD's birthday on Thursday - I'm not sure how she got to 17 but it feels odd to have the 'baby' that grown up. Philly had a lovely day although she was at college. Her BF gave her tickets for the Leicester Tiger's rugby game yesterday, and my Dad bought her a Tiger's top. We had pizzas at home and I bought a cake from Sainsbury's. I managed to get a sparkler candle in the shape of a P.

Philly's 17th with her P sparkler
I managed to get Elliot stitched and framed in time - she loved it.

Elliot finished and framed
I have been working on Tina's RR from Needlecraft Haven She has chosen Seasonal Sampling by Hillside Samplings and I'm doing spring. I don't have a wish list really but this is so nice I've added it :)

Here's my progress so far, although the frog did pop by :(

and my final photo is my Prairie Schooler. I've started a SAL on Needlecraft Haven and this is my piece I'm doing - it's for Mum for Mother's Day. It's S for Sewing from the alphabet

Have a great week everyone - happy stitching.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your DD. Love Elliot. It's so cute.

    Tina's RR is looking lovely. Just had a peek at the chart and it's really nice.

    Nice progress on your PS piece for the SAL :) Poste a piccie of mine today.

  2. Loving Tina's choice for the RR, can't wait to stitch on that one, think it might have to go on my wish list too - reminds me of the peg rug that i designed for my exams at schools - i did trees in the 4 seasons too... not sure what happenend to the actual rug when it was complete!

    Wait till your baby is having a baby of their own, that does make you wonder how they grew up so fast

  3. Happy 17th Birthday to your DD. Love Elliott so cute. Lovely progress on your stitching. Just seen Julie's progress on your RR - gorgeous - love L*K.

  4. Happy Birthday to your DD. Elliot looks great.

  5. Elliot looks great and that is a nice design for a RR. I Like the look of your PS - still haven't sorted out what I want to stitch.
    My "baby" is 19 now - I know just how you feel!

  6. Glad Philly had a happy birthday. Eloise is 17 in April and like you I can't figure out where the time went, surely she was only just in pigtails?
    Great progress on the RR and SAL


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