Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sunny Wales

We've just had a lovely sunny weekend in Wales; we didn't do anything major just relaxed, walked Ruby along the esturary and along the beach. We did have a game of putting - here are a few photos :) 

Philly putting
Looking down towards the sea and Barmouth Bridge
Looking up the estuary
We'd love to live here
The Girls
Just before we went away my lovely scarf arrived from Hazel - she wore one of these at Needlecraft Haven's meet up. I couldn't resist and ordered one which Hazel made very quickly - thanks Hazel it's gorgeous.

My lovely new scarf
I did quite a lot of stitching whilst away but I'll add some photos next post as one thing isn't quite finished. I did Dusty's RR and now am working on Hazel's RR - both from Needlecraft Haven.

Enjoy this glorious sunshine - we are home this Easter and are working on the back garden, so lots of piccies in my next blog.

Easter blesisngs to all x x x


  1. Gorgeous trip. I love Wales. We would love to move there one day I think. Glad you like your scarf. Looks fab on you. x

  2. Lovely scarf. Great photos from your trip to Wales.

  3. Super scarf. It does look a beautiful place, perfect for retiring too LOL

  4. The area and the weather look beautiful. Nice scarf Hazel made for you.

  5. Glad to hear you had such asnice break. Gorgeous scarf!

  6. Sounds like a good time was had. Lovely scarf and bet Ruby enjoyed herself as well.

  7. That is a pretty scarf! Looks lovely there!!


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