Saturday 30 July 2011

TUSAL and photos

This is a photo heavy post; my first photo is my TUSAL - I am amazed at how it's grown this year. A definite signthat Ruby is calming down as last year I hardly did any stitching because she was always getting into mischief :)
TUSAL - 30th July
I have nearly finished my square on the JTHC RR I did with Hazel, Julie and Tina on Needlecraft Haven - I have run out of 869 but think there is one in my stash. I'm off to town today to look for the cushion for it so I may have a real HD later.

I did have two HDs because two of my colleagues at school retired at the end of term.I stitched them each a little gift.
Stitched for my favourite English teacher

Stitched for a great guy who has
now retired to France
That's all my stitching news for now - we've just had a lovely few days at the caravan with Nick's mum nad her partner. We did a couple of walks, Precipice Walk and the Mawddach Trail. here's a few photos including the blueberry picking at high altitude LOL
Precipice Walk - looking north

Precipice Walk - looking towards
 the coast
Me and MIL - watching our step
The View
Ruby helping with the Blueberry picking

The five of us on the Mawddach Trail - a flatter stroll
There are a couple of other photos in my album from our walk - Wales Summer 2011.

Finally here are Philly and my orchids. They flowered last year and we thought they'd died. I have fed them and watered them - just look now. Philly's is amazing, so full of flowers - mine has fewer flowers but the colour is gorgeous.
Philly's orchid
My orchid
Thanks for popping by - I hope you enjoyed my photo fest - I should really blog more often but there is never enough time - good job it's school holidays :)

Take care and enjoy the summer x x


Lesleyanne said...

Great photos and pictures from your holiday. Both orchids are gorgeous.

Daffycat said...

Beautiful ORTs!

Well done on the gorgeous!

Sally said...

Lovely gifts for your colleagues.

Love the photos from your holiday. Such beautiful scenery.

Those orchids are gorgeous.

Julie said...

Super gifts for your retiring colleagues. Does the retirement to France mean you'll be visiting this colleague often?? LOL

Super pics of the mini break with MIL, great weather, Ruby looks like she had fun too