Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Happy New Year

I'm a little early but we go away tomorrow so Happy New Year to everyone x x x

Our Christmas has been quite eventful - Christmas Day my Dad didn't look well, he was struggling with his breathing.We ended up taking him to Accident and Emergency and they have kept him in. He is breathing much much better but is on oxygen. He willbe in until we get back from our trip to Rome - he insists we still go.

When we got back from form the hospital Ruby had tumbled in the garden and hurt her back leg. We had to carry her to bed and saw the emergency vet on Boxing Day. She has pulled her leg and it's probably bruised too. The vet gave her some painkillers and we have to give her more each breakfast. She is staying mainly on her bed but can hop about. This afternoon I took her for a short walk. On the way back she just sat in our road and Urszula and her dog Eddie came out to help encourage her to get up and hop home. She has been out again and seems more confident each tme. The kennels say they are ok to have her still and will give her the painkillers.

So we are still going to Rome tomorrow, although I am a little nervous about everything.

Here are my lovely pressies from my stitchy friends - thanks everyone :)

From Angie
From Karan
From Julie
From Christine
From Brenda
I sat and made all the cards for the Needlecraft Haven Birthday Exchange today- here they are - but who is getting which one LOL
Cards for NH
These are the gifts I stitched for Julie and her grand-daughter Isabelle.

This is the star I stitched for Karan

Here's hoping 2012 is a good one for everyone.



  1. I hope that Ruby will heal quickly. Have fun on your trip and you got some really nice presents.

  2. Happy New Year. Hope you have a great trip to Rome and all is well when you get home. Lovely gifts sent and received.

  3. Happy New Year, hope its less eventful than Christmas! Lovely stitched ornaments and gifts.
    Have fun in Rome

  4. Have a lovely time both of you in Rome.
    I hope dad and Ruby are both much improved when you return home.
    Lovely gifts, we love our little beauties xxx

  5. Sorry to hear that you had a bit of a rough Christmas.

    What wonderful gifts!

    Have a great time in Rome!!!


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