Friday, 10 February 2012

Please support if you can - thank you

Philippa, our daughter, did not pass her second attempt at her driving test but we are very annoyed as it was nothing to do with her. She was at an island indicating and ready to go left. She looked right and an Audi was there but indicating left to go up the road she was coming out of.

As she set off it changed its plan, cancelled the indicator and drove straight on. The examiner used his controls to stop the car a split second before Philly did. The whole fault was the Audi but we now have to pay another £62 for a test and the cost of using the instructor's car.

Philly had no other errors, the examiner was so sorry. Another test is fine but we are annoyed at the cost, which will be about £110, when it was not her error.

I have started an e-petition for re-takes to be free in these types of fails, and there be a scale for other errors. I can now see why we have so many unlicensed drivers on the road, people can't afford to keep taking the test, especially when it's not their fault.

This will not necessarily help Philippa but we will have raised the issue and may have some effect in the future. If there is enough support it will be read in Parliment.

You will have to confirm the email they send you to activate your vote

Many thanks, please share this as we need lots of signatures

Clare x


  1. I have signed the petition Clare. I hope you get lots of signatures.

  2. I am sorry that this has happened. In our state you can take the road test 3 times for the one time fee. After that I am not sure what happens. My son had this problem with a driver who pulled right out in front of him and he had to slam on the brakes. The instructor failed him right there. Just not right.


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