Sunday, 4 March 2012

March already

2012 is certainly flying by. Much as I love my holidays and work is work, I am getting a little annoyed with so many people on facebook counting down 'sleeps' to the next school holidays - count down to something good yes,  but if your job is that bad then should you be doing it?

Life is so short and so very precious.

I can't share too much of my stitching this time as my main work has been for the Spring Exchange on Needlecraft Haven. I haven't done this finish before and am recycling something so it's been quite a nervy project. Iam hoping to assemble it all later today.

I can share my two ornaments for my tree at next year's Church Tree Festival. I will be making the ornaments up all at the same time, a day with the sewing machine I think. Anyway last night I stitched 'sister' and 'brother' - yes allinone night, amazing for me.

Freeie chart by Lorraine Clarke

Freeie chart by Lorraine Clarke
My Totally Useless jar is looking good - I am cetainly stitching more this year so it is growing well.

Orts as at 29th Feb
Finally - how aware of things are you? This little test amazed me, made me think too. Have a go and see how you get on - good luck

Thanks for popping by and reading my news :)


  1. A pet peeve of mine as well Clare, fair enough at the end of a long term, but one week in? I'm also not very tolerant of anyone over the age of about eight using the expression "X more sleeps until", but that's just me.
    Love your new ornaments, and I haven't forgotten I said I'd do you a couple.

  2. Super ornaments, the tree is going to be so lovely this year.
    I'm so glad I don't do Facebook!

  3. Family "tree" will be lovely Clare must see what I can do for you.
    No facebook for me either.


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