Monday, 30 April 2012

Dad - thank you

Thank you so much for all the kind wishes, cards, emails and text messages - they have certainly helped me in what feels like a very deep hole. Here's all the cards we've had; Dad would be amazed at how many, and they keep arriving, thank you.

 Angie sent a beautiful flower card - I'd not seen one before, such a lovely idea.

and today I've had a beautiful bouquet from school.

I am really missing Dad and have been overwhelmed by everyone's kindness, thank you. Many of you didn't meet him so here's a couple of photos. I have put together a small album of photos to take to the wake and have had some postcards printed with 'Ron Mellor 1926 - 2012' on which I'm going to ask people to write happy/silly memories of Dad - we have quite a few ourselves. These will go in the album with the photos making a special memories book.

I love this photo
Dad with Michael and Philly (2007)
I have been very lost and confused but have still been stitching - it is such a great comfort. I have been working on Tina's piece for the Needlecraft Haven Round Robin - she has chosen Margaret Sherry's Calendar Cats. This piece was part of the 2011 RR and when it went round last time I stitched February.This time I'm stitching August; there's a story behind why but I'll share that when it's finished. It is certainly a design to concentrate on.

And finally here is my orts jar for April - it is filling up nicely.

Once again thank you all so much - God bless


  1. Dad looks so proud on your wedding day picture, he was a very well liked man and will be missed by many.

    The RR certainly keep the mind in focus with all the fractionals, it's looking lovely.

    Much love and {hugs} to you all xxx

  2. Your dad looked a real gentle-man Clare and so proud in your wedding photo.
    So many happy days spent with him and so many memories to cherish.
    Thank goodness for our stitching it does help. Take care and thoughts are with you .

  3. So sorry about your dad Clare,our thoughts are with you and all your family. Focusing on your happy memories will help you through this sad time.

    The RR looks great.

    Nicola and Keith

  4. The book sounds like a lovely idea Clare, I'm sure it will be filled with wonderful memories.

    The RR is looking good

  5. RR looks good.Keep up this great blog and keep great information coming for new people like me.
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  6. Lovely photo of you and your Dad Clare. He looks so proud. Thinking of you and your family.


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