Saturday, 7 April 2012

Stitching, stitching and snow

Needlecraft Haven hosted a superb Spring Exchange - so many fabulous gifts - thank you to everyone who took part - don't forget to sign up for the Summer Exchange. If you're not a member of Needlecraft Haven just apply for membership - it's a fabulous forum full of friendly crafters.

We went to the caravan for a few days this week - DH and I needed a break and DD needed a rest. She's had a difficult few weeks with parting from her BF of over 2 years, not really eating or sleeping, lots of work for college and her volunteering work. She had lotsof rest, lots of food and lots of relaxing time. It is a magical place.
It was very cold though; the snow didn't quite reach us but was on the mountains. Here's a few photos - I took loads hee hee.
Cader Idris covered in snow
DH at Taly-llyn
The photo he was taking
My gorgeous girls
Because of the cold and us all needing a rest we stayed inside the caravan much of the time - good food, good wine :) Because of this I did loads of stitching and reading in just four days.
Baby gift number 3 - nearly finished
Dusty's Mini RR
Another tree ornament
For my Tree
I read another Victoria Connelly on my Kindle whilst away - Unmasking Elena Monella. I love her books - mainly because of her trio based on Mr Darcy and Jane Austin. This one was set in Italy and was an absorbing read, perfect for the snowy weather.

Have a great Easter, this is an Easter Card from me to you x x x x


  1. you definitively got some stitching done, but a pity the weather wasn't good.
    thanks for the eastern sweet!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely break, you certainly got plenty of stitching done while you were there. I love the piglet piece

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely break and that it was much needed. Great stitching and gorgeous photos.

  4. It looks like you had a lovely break Clare. I would have loved that too with snow on the mountains :)

    Beautiful stitching.

  5. Clare the photos are gorgeous, and the stitching too. Just signed up for the Summer one. Whoo hoo looking forward to it .

  6. Super pic of the mountains covered in snow. I've signed up this morning for the Summer exch. Lots of stitching you achieved, all look superb.
    Hope DD is feeling much brighter.


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