Saturday, 30 June 2012

Summer Exchange - edited

It's opening day for Needlecraft Haven Summer Exchange - I have been very spoilt by Barb who stitched a beautiful 1 over 1 design and made a sewing tin. Such beautiful stitching, thank you Barb.

I am going to use it to keep in the bag I put together last week - perfect for travelling :)

I  know my partner has received hers but until she posts on the forum I'm not going to say who I sent to and what I stitched - so if you pop by again later you might see some editing with pictures :)

Edited :) Julie has posted about receivingher gift - I know she did becaue I delivered it in person a few days early but it was the only night we were both free.

I stitched her a cake band and baked a cake to go with it - hee hee

It is also the TUSAL day on the forum (we just post pictures at the end of each month) - here's my jar after 6 months stitching.

We've been up to Dad's today and sorted a few things out - there's no food or drinks left there now - I sorted out some kitchen cupboards and a few of his clothes. DH took some stuff to the charity shop and we called at the tip on the way home so the things we sorted did go somewhere. It's not an easy job but it's ok if I do a little at a time.

Needlecraft Haven have a two month competition starting tomorrow - it's easy to join and free to sign up so if you haven't been before pop by.


  1. Wow, Barb has excelled herself, that is gorgeous.
    Competition? I'll be there!

  2. Stunning tin from Barb.
    I've posted what you made for me,you can update here now lol.
    I love my special exchange gift and have posted pics on my blog. X

  3. Hi Clare! The exchange gift you received is so pretty. Barb did a fabulous job. Love the cake band. Did you sew any special fabric inside since it goes around a cake? What a cute idea. I had seen the gifts on the NH forum but wanted to visit blogs and saw how nice they all are.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  4. Thanks Heidi - I backed it with greaseproof paper.

    Please could you leave the link to your blg, thanks

  5. Lovely exchange items! I need to branch out with my finishes and try something new.

  6. Beautiful exchange gift from Barb and I love what you stitched for Julie. Something different :)


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