Monday, 6 August 2012

A little bit of stitching

I have popped over to Julie's a few times for a coffee and chat (we never have time to stitch LOL) and she has lots of beautiful willow pattern in her kitchen, so for her birthday I stitched this:

Julie's tea towel
I took it to France and spent many a happy hour stitching away.

We went to the caravan this weekend and spent most of the time watching the amazing Olympics - we even ate in so we could watch Jessica and Mo. I therefore also got loads of stitching done which was perfect as I was a little behind with the Needlecraft Haven Round Robin. I have now finished my section on Lynn's birds.

Lynn's Round Robin
It is 'The Pecking Order' by Marolein Bastin. We've all stitched a section and now it goes to Dusty for the final piece.

Lynn's so far
I am having a blitz at Dad's in the garden before the summer nights end and I'm back at school. Today my Mum and stepdad came and helped me empty the greenhouse. I took lots of Dad's old plant pots and plant name tags to the local nursery as I didn't think it right to throw them away. They were very gratefuland said they would pass them on to charities or give to schools :) I have ordered a skip for Wednesday so can get much more cleared then.

Thanks for visiting - we're off to France for a week again soon, Champagne region, somy next blog may be a bit boozey.


  1. Lovely gift for Julie, and the bird piece for the RR is gorgeous.
    Oh have fun on your hols and have some boozy juice for me. Then I am sure I shall understand your next blog lol.

  2. I love my stitched tea towel, it's perfect in my kitchen - thank you.

    Only one more posting in the RR and we'll have ours back, you did a great job on Lynn's.

  3. Julie's tea towel is gorgeous!
    I love lynn's take on the round robin idea, it's looking fab


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