Saturday, 13 April 2013

Time flies in so many ways

edited with a bit more at the bottom:

April already and yes I have started my Drawn Thread piece. It's a little odd though as it's an Easter theme and for this year Easter was in March. It is a beautiful design and will of course be making an appearance for years to come when April will most likely be our Easter month.

April - The Drawn Thread
The Easter Exchange with Needlecraft Haven was great fun. This year we stitched an egg shaped ornament and an Easter card. My egg was just about egg shaped but I was pleased with how the card turned out. My Easter gifts travelled to Elaine's and my Easter gifts arrived from Christine who stitched a beautiful egg.

My card and egg for Elaine
My egg from Christine

My other stitching is still secret as it's more gifts. I'm not sure how many I'm stitching but it will be quite a few by the time I am finished. I seem to keep finding more designs that I think someone will like. I must get them all made up soon too. If you want to see I have shared them on Needlecraft Haven.

We had a lovely break at the caravan, and a little bit of a surprise/bonus with a Tesco wine order - all those details are on my other blog, please pop by.

Nick and me on our walk - yes it was breezy!
I have not done any stitching on my LHN A Place We Call Home on a Wednesday with Barb in The Parlour because of my school stitching but I will be back soon. I have heard that Miss Barb has a VIP visiting the Parlour next week - I wonder who?

That's all from me - hopefully soon I'll have April finished and on the mantle. The theme this month is not quite finished, I need to think about it a bit more but I'll let you all see when it's done :-)


I have now finished April and the mantle - I didn't want to do a new blog so soon so have added them on here.

April finished
April Mantle
The mantle theme this month is friendship as we have the Needlecraft Haven meet up at the end of the month. I used two mail art pieces from previous years and the fairy is a water gauge but she'll be staying inside. The centre piece is a candle for Dad - a year Thursday - along with the gorgeous pillow Barb stitched me at the time xx


  1. Great stitching Clare. Glad you liked your egg

  2. Great stitching. Your April mantle is lovely.

  3. Your stitching looks great Clare. I love the mantle display. So happy you are finding stitching time. Nice pic of you and Nick, you both have red noses from the brisk winds. LOL

  4. Mantle looks lovely Clare,can't believe it's been a year hugs xx

  5. Your April piece is lovely Clare.

    Lovely exchange pieces.

    Hard to believe it's a year Clare {{{hugs}}}

  6. The easter 'eggs' are lovely. This year has seems to strange with Easter being early.

    {{{{great big hugs}}}}

    I wonder who the VIP was lol


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