Sunday, 12 May 2013

Finishing frenzie

I have quite a few gift pieces to make through out this year - I'm not saying anymore (although some people know - they are surprises) but I have been stitching little bits making quite a pile. Anyway today I have had a finishing frenzy and completed some of the gifts.


I am so pleased how they have turned out - a few more to finish and other special items to stitch this year - 2013 is certainly busy.
I have nearly finished The Drawn Thread May so I should be able to share that later this week. Thank you to everyone who pops by to see my work.


  1. Wow - you have been busy - they all look lovely.

  2. Loads of great finishes there Clare

  3. Fabulous collection Clare, they look superb.

  4. They all look great Clare, you have been busy!

  5. You've been very busy, they all look lovely!


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